7 Major Differences Between Shared & Dedicated Hosting

Difference Between Shared And Dedicated Hosting

This article broadly explains the difference between a shared hosting and a dedicated hosting server.

Are you still confused about which web hosting package to buy?

We are all aware that hosting is a type of internet service that keeps websites available and accessible online via the World Wide Web.

All web hostings do the same purpose but are different in terms of resources, security, and controls.

The one to choose should be determined by the application you are hosting, the level of security needed for it, the minimum resource requirements, and the level of traffic.

Among other types of web hosting available out there, we will focus mainly on the most common type of hosting, which is the shared hosting and the highly secured dedicated server.

Shared Hosting

Just like the name states (shared), this kind of hosting keeps hundreds of websites under one umbrella called “hosting box.” All of them sharing the same server at the same time.

In this hosting plan, an increase in traffic of one website can easily affect other websites that are within the same hosting box.

This platform was originally designed for static websites that have just a little traffic or a simple company’s website that does not attract much traffic.

If you want to host a dynamic site with high traffic, I suggest you ignore shared hosting and go for a virtual private server (VPS) or the dedicated server if you can afford it.

One can always start with shared hosting and upgrade when the host package resources can’t handle it any longer.

Among every other type of hosting, the shared hosting remains the most affordable in terms of price.

Over 70% of active websites in the world today are hosted on shared hosting servers.

There is no difference between hosting a site on shared hosting and other hosting services in terms of its appearance on the web browsers.

It only becomes necessary to use a stronger server when the site becomes resource demanding.

Dedicated Hosting

Unlike the shared hosting, in the dedicated hosting, only a host website will be in the hosting box, utilizing the IP and sharing the server with no other site.

Dedicated hosting is better and more preferred. Websites under the dedicated platform seem to load much faster.

Although it is pretty more expensive but more secure too, it may be up to 10 times the price of the shared hosting – or even more.

Difference Between Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Contains many sites in the hosting box Just a site in the hosting box
It is less expensive It is more costly
It more vulnerable It is less vulnerable
It shares its IP address It does not its share IP address
Recommended for static sites Recommended for dynamic websites
Preferred for websites with low and average traffic Preferable for sites with very high traffic
Mostly with metered or small disk size and bandwidth Un-metered disk size and bandwidth


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