How to Start a Web Hosting Company in Nigeria


Are you thinking of starting a hosting company? This article teaches how to quickly start a web hosting company with a reseller with just a little capital.

Do you know that the most prominent web hosting companies in today’s world are mere reseller hosting users?

Having your own web hosting company is as easy as ABC. You don’t need to have a giant server before you can start your own web hosting company.

All you need to do is to buy a reseller hosting account, and you are good to start a web hosting company – with a name server configured in your name.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a kind of web hosting package which permits the account owner to use the hard drive space, bandwidth, and other web services allotted to his account to host websites for third parties.

Just like a distribution chain, the reseller purchases the host services wholesale and then sells them to customers in units and makes a profit.

A portion of hard drive space and bandwidth is allocated to the reseller account after he must have paid for it.

They will have permission to sell a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth to their customers without renting or owning a server with the web hosting company he signed up the reseller account.

The server can bear the reseller name – for it to seem the reseller has a personal server.

How Reseller Hosting works

Reseller hosting is a cheap and perfect way to start up a web hosting company with a small sum of money.

Reseller providers allow their resellers to create their service plans and prices too. Resellers can also have their name and brand different from that of the reseller provider.

To be a reseller does not require much in terms of experience, it’s something one can quickly learn and understand in the process.

The reseller provider, better called the “parent company” will be responsible for all maintenance and server confirmations while the reseller will be responsible for interfacing its customer accounts, and also forwards any issue of hardware, software, or connection to the parent company.

Reseller Hosting Scenario

Nowadays, most resellers also have other resellers under them just like a pyramid, and it keeps going that way.

But it’s complicated to believe that a full-fledged web host company is a mere reseller.

It will surprise you that some of the biggest names in the web hosting business in the world are also resellers.

In the case of Nigeria, I am very familiar with 13 web hosting companies 12 of them am very sure are resellers, and they are doing very well and making it big in terms of profit.

So I wonder what is stopping you if you have the passion.

If you are considering starting up a web hosting company, please read down below.

How to Set Up a Reseller Hosting Business

web hosting company | Reseller Hosting Business

1. Choose The Right Reseller Hosting

Choose a reseller provider that provides all web services you are interested in; this may include some specific software, plugins, and site builders such as WordPress good for the secure development of websites and blogs as well as Magento Used for standard shopping cart development and so on.

Whichever reseller provider you decide to patronize also make sure it has a high-speed server and the right customers support too.

Always have it in mind that you are going into a competitive business, to excel, you must build a wild customer base; therefore, you must put your customers first.

You may have to conduct a little research on what will attract customers; this is why I mentioned website builders and fast servers earlier.

2. Built Your Hosting Site

You will have to develop your web hosting company website around the API of your reseller provider and integrate a payment system that will be convenient for your target customers.

For instance, if Nigeria is your target your payment platforms should include Naira and accepts Nigerian cards too.

Build your reseller company’s website to be very attractive and user-friendly.

Though doing all this will not be difficult, most reseller provider provides templates that you will choose from to develop your web hosting site quickly.

Make sure your site has less registration process and purchasing protocol at least for a start, customers don’t like too many contracts, so don’t scare them away.

3. Create Communications

You will need to provide online support, a 24 hours customer support line, and have a contact address for your customers to have trust in your company and require for your services.

Sure, you should know things customers will like to hear and see. As for me, before I host a website with any company, the first thing I check is their contact page before checking the services they offer.

Not just having a conducive office, you should also offer other web services aside from hosting.

It is advisable for every web hosting company to also provide services like web design and development, websites migration, logo design, and so on.

People who are an expert on the aforementioned service may not be on your payroll, they can be just individual freelancer you call upon once your customer needs such assistance, take for instance, if a potential customer contacts your company and tell you that “I need a  website for my company” what will you do?

Will you tell the customer to go and build a website and come back for web hosting, oh! That will be a very wrong thing to do; you may lose potential customers by so doing; therefore, you must provide other web-related services.

4. Promote Your Hosting Business

Promote your new web hosting business via social media and other relevant forms of advertising.

As a fresher in the business, you will have lots of jobs trying to market your product. Without marketing in a company of this nature – people will not know you exist, nor will they see the service you are offering, so this step is vital for the success of your business, it will also build your business reputation.

Hope this article is helpful to you, what other challenges will you have set up your web hosting company, or is there any part of this tutorial you don’t understand well? Please use to comment box to communicate to us.



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