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Questions to Ask Before Buying an Existing Blog

Before buying an existing blog, there are some questions you must ask — this article listed all those questions to save you time and stress.

Building a blog from scratch and following the train to get it to its peak might be a failed mission for many, especially when you can’t build it yourself or have good knowledge or passion for growing it.

Due to this, some people who have the money will prefer to buy an already existing blog instead of paying someone to develop one for them.

But I must let you know that it’s not all existing blogs can stand the test of time, no matter how good it looks or how monetized or revenue it fetches.

Over the years, we have witnessed some of the potential blogs go down the drain and become less productive.

The list below contains questions that must be asked and put into consideration before you may think of buying that existing blog you admire so much.

How to Buy an Existing Blog – What to Consider

1. The Popularity of  the Blog

  • How popular is the blog? A blog must not be trendy before you think of buying it, but it must show trends of growth potential.
  • What are the reasons for its popularity? Consider buying only when the reasons for the popularity are genuine. Remember, a blog can gain popularity due to a fraudulent act.
  • How many similar niche blogs are more popular? If they are too much, you will have a great work ahead, so put this into consideration.
  • Is the popularity still growing or diminishing? This will predict the blog popularity in both the short and long term, without much marketing or promotion.


2. History of Blog

  • When was the blog launched? It is also necessary for some occasions older blogs are better seen on the search engine. They also have a long trend of site ranking, which is also suitable for blog growth.
  • Who launched it?
  • Is the blog growing of failing? If it is failing, why?
  • Has the blog ever been reported? If yes, by who and why?
  • What challenges were encountered in the past?
  • Why is it for sale?

3. The Blog Revenue

  • How much does the blog make monthly?
  • Who and who advertises on the blog?
  • Will the revenue be sustainable?
  • Does it have an AdSense account or other alternatives?

4. The Blogging Niche

  • What is the niche of the blog?
  • Can you develop quality content for the niche?
  • Who are its competitors?
  • Is such a niche marketable?

5. Level Of Traffic

  • How high is the traffic of the blog?
  • What position does it rank?
  • Has it been registered to search engines?
  • Does it have accounts with social networks?
  • How many subscribers does it have?

6. Contents and Quality

  • How many posts are on the blog?
  • Are the posts of high quality?
  • Are the posts original and plagiarism free?
  • Are the posts educative and sellable?

7. Domain Name and Hosting

  • What is the domain name?
  • Does the domain name correspond with the niche?
  • Which host company?
  • What type of hosting?
  • When will it be renewed?

Note: there is no perfect answer to all the questions asked above. All questions should be put into consideration to determine the viability and prospect of the blog.

After answering all this, you can then determine the worth or the amount you can pay for the blog.


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