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How to Use IGTV for Business: A Complete Guide for Marketers

Marketing has come to a stage where businesses that don’t have online presence run out of business.

If you know how to use IGTV for business, your business won’t only gain more visibility but also experience drastic growth in its return on investment (ROI).

With the use of Instagram IGTV for business, marketing has been very easy and effective for small business owners.

IGTV as one of the best online video platforms for marketing, it gives you the chance to promote your business and get customers on Instagram.

This Instagram video platform is dedicated to long vertical video content to help local businesses promote their products and services.

If you wonder how this works, don’t worry.

You should be able to use IGTV to create a great affinity between your brand and audiences after reading this guide.

The Instagram video platform can be used to send leads to your website and boost your conversions.

This is based on the fact that videos tend to convert audiences 10X faster than text.

The human brain has the capacity to retain 95% of information seen and 10% of information read both in video and text formats respectively. ShelffieldAV

This is because video is a super marketing tool that combines two engagement forces such as body movement and noise.

When you talk and move your body stylishly in a video, people watching you tend to pay attention.

So, if you find this useful, it would be more interesting to know what exactly is IGTV and how it works for marketing on Instagram.

What is IGTV?

Instagram added a new feature called Instagram TV, otherwise known as IGTV.


IGTV can be accessed as a web or mobile application to share up to a 60-minute long video on Instagram at no cost.

This wasn’t the first time users would create and share videos on Instagram.

Initially, the highest video length you could share on Instagram was one minute.

As a result of this, creators had to cut off almost the interesting part of their videos and reduce the length so they could be uploaded.

And that was very annoying.

After numerous complaints, Instagram eventually introduced and released IGTV so users can now create high-quality videos.

Since then, both brands and individual business owners have been taking advantage of IGTV to engage with their audiences.

With a population of over 1 billion monthly users around the globe, IGTV maintains its position as the closest competitor of YouTube which has approximately 1.3 billion users.

How IGTV works

Instagram launched IGTV on June 20th, 2018, and created two ways for users to access the feature.

You can use IGTV via the main Instagram app or the stand-alone IGTV app.

To download IGTV app, go to Google Playstore if your device is on android. If you’re on iOS, go to Apple Appstore to get your own copy.

Despite the fact that both Instagram and IGTV are two different applications, you need to have an account on Instagram before you can use IGTV.

But you have to use or create an Instagram business account if your goal is for profit.

Instagram used to have an IGTV button at the top right corner of the homepage until recently when the button was removed.

In a statement made to TechCrunch by a staff of Facebook, it was found out that users hardly access IGTV through the button.

This implies that users don’t need the stand alone IGTV app to watch longer videos.

They can use the in-feed teasers, explore page, promo stickers in stories, and creators’ profiles.

Hence, the company removed the button from the homepage while users could explore IGTV through other means.

The scope behind creating IGTV was to make your mobile device work like a TV app.

No wonder, the video you open after launching IGTV plays instantly.

So, users don’t need to search for the content shared by the people they’re already following.

IGTV works by gathering videos from people you follow automatically. This will relieve you of the stress of searching and playing the videos.

Users can only search for the creator, using his Instagram account name to find his content.

All the content will be organized and shown on the screen for you to see and start watching.

However, users can’t access live-stream videos (videos that are broadcasted at the same time they are being recorded).

This platform also deals with quality and organization to ensure that its users get only the best video content.

So, it might be selective in making the promotion service available.

That is, if your videos are of low-quality, you won’t be allowed to promote them.

Requirements to use IGTV

There are definitely no restrictions as per how to use IGTV for business.

This gives room for creative video creators to share their works to the world for free.

Since this new feature is enabled on Instagram, all existing Instagrammers are inclusive.

In this case, using IGTV app will make it easier to upload your videos and promote your business on Instagram.

Whether you’re a new or already well-known Instagrammer, here are the requirements for IGTV video:

  1. Download the standalone IGTV app on iOS or Android or use the Instagram web app on your browser to upload your content from your device.
  2. Let your video be in portrait or vertical orientation
  3. Your video must have aspect ratio 9:16
  4. The dimension of an IGTV video, as recommended, must be 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels
  5. The size of your IGTV video must not be more than 650MB
  6. You can upload videos in 15 seconds to 10 minutes long if your account is not verified, while videos up to 1 hour long can be uploaded on a verified account.

Note: Long videos require Instagram web platform to upload successfully on IGTV.

As stated, the main focus of the IGTV video requirements is to maintain quality. However, your videos must be of high-quality to get the approval.

With amazing videos, you will stand out and become a popular Instagrammer.

Pros and cons of IGTV

If you know how to use IGTV for business, you’ll realize that the platform can serve as a great alternative for Youtube. It has some advantages and disadvantages which you need to consider.

And the main advantage of IGTV is that it allows users to post high-quality long videos and still gives room for short videos.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, having the privilege to create both short and long videos on Instagram creates opportunities for all categories of creators.

If you want to post a video which is less than a minute, consider using your normal Instagram account.

This is to ensure that videos posted on IGTV are of high quality.

IGTV targets mobile users and the platform has been designed in such a way that it is suitable for mobile devices.

Similar to YouTube, IGTV also provides users with the opportunity to save videos, create a Playlist or series, and even create a channel.

It offers virtually all the features of YouTube except for the monetization of the ad which would be added soon.

Without sentiments, it is obvious that YouTube still holds the position as the number one online video sharing platform in the world.

However, Instagram has really been working hard to improve the efficiency of IGTV, so the platform can compete well with YouTube in generating revenues for creators.

Recently, Instagram announced that ad monetization will soon be available for every creator after the ongoing beta test.

The platform even tipped video creators that IGTV ad revenue sharing ratio might be 55:45 (55% to creators and 45% to the platform), similar to that of YouTube.

Although there are speculations that Instagram might be forced to increase this to about 60% if the company really wants to catch up with YouTube.

However, IGTV is just a step behind YouTube. You’ll see the close margin when it’s fully launched.

How to use IGTV for business?

If you’ve heard about the Instagram video platform called IGTV and you want to know how to use it for your local business, the following strategies will give you headway.

Audience targeting

Instagram creates many ways for business owners to promote their businesses on IGTV. That makes it very important to know how to use IGTV for marketing so building an audience on IGTV could be very easy.

The first alternative method to build an audience with IGTV is to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. In doing this, you’ll be sending your Facebook fans to your IGTV channel.

Apart from this, you can equally add links and hashtags to your video description and generate leads for your business on IGTV.

This will give you the chance to send your audience on IGTV to your website or other platforms through which you operate your business online.

Assuming you’re an affiliate marketer, IGTV is a good shot to promote your affiliate partners.

Shoot a quality video about the product or service you’re promoting and add your affiliate link to the description of the video.

It’s almost certain that those who find the video useful will click the link.

Since you only need to maintain and add more to your existing followers on Instagram, IGTV is like a bridge to connect your brand with your audiences from various platforms.

Brand promotion

Another advantage of IGTV is that creators can use it to promote their brands.

Previously, many Instagram influencers would need to split their videos in order to host it on Instagram.

In the cause of doing this, most lost the value or the main message that was meant to be in the videos.

With IGTV, you don’t need to reduce the length of your video or split it into many portions before uploading it on Instagram. Redirecting your audience to YouTube to watch full videos might not also be necessary anymore.

With IGTV, you have the benefit of reaching out to your fans through your videos as long as you want.

Content re-purposing

With IGTV, no video is too old. The platform can be used to re-purpose the best among your previous content.

This will give you the avenue to edit your old video and give it a new aural.

If the video is horizontal, your major task is to change the orientation to vertical in order to be suitable for IGTV.

Facebook and YouTube videos are horizontal. In case you wish to reuse any of your old videos on your IGTV channel, ensure you change the orientation while editing the video.

This doesn’t mean you can just reuse any popular content. Your video must be evergreen in order to attract the audience.

So, if this approach works for you, then don’t find it difficult to delve into your reservoirs and excavate more of the old popular videos you’ve shot in the past.

Grow YouTube channel

You might also consider using IGTV to grow your YouTube channel by adding your channel link to your video description and expertly redirecting people there.

Just create a video about your YouTube channel and upload it to IGTV for promotion and get more viewers.

Despite the fact that IGTV hasn’t fully given room for ad monetization, video creators are allowed to add links from other platforms and Call To Action (CTA) to their videos.

CTA is a kind of phrase or an image you add to your content for the purpose of generating leads for a business. Most marketers use this tactic on Instagram IGTV for business or brand promotion.

How to upload videos to IGTV from Instagram?

Uploading videos on IGTV is not a difficult task and can be done by anyone. You just have to ensure your videos meet the requirements as stated above.

To post a video on IGTV from Instagram, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Instagram App
  2. On your Instagram account, you’ll see the IGTV icon like a small television with an antenna on it. Click on the icon to launch IGTV on Instagram.
  3. Click your profile picture or the symbol.
  4. Choose a vertical video (9:16 aspect ratio, to convert the orientation of the video you want to upload to portrait. Then set the length of the to at least 15 seconds or 10 minutes long.
  5. Click Next in Upper Right Corner of the page.
  6. Follow the rest of the steps as described below.

This will direct you to your gallery where you can add the video and the thumbnail (a picture to represent your new video).

You can use a part of the video or choose a new picture from your gallery as the thumbnail.

Add a title to the video to draw attention to the video.

Note that only a good title will attract viewers. So, in order to leverage your video title, read steps to write catchy IGTV titles and descriptions.

Add a short description: Your video description isn’t just there. It’s meant to give the audience a clue about how the video will help.

So, you have to leverage this feature to write a scintillating description.

You can even add relevant links and hashtags to the description to send leads to other platforms where you operate your business.

Add the video to your IGTV series (this is similar to a playlist).

You can also choose to post a preview. This will upload a portion not more than one minute long on your Instagram story.

Tap Edit Profile Cover: In case you don’t want to post a preview, you can also easily use this to select an image that will be displayed on your Instagram feed with regard to your video.

Click Make Visible on Facebook. This will share your video to your Facebook feed or story as soon as it is published on IGTV.

Just ensure you have linked your Facebook account to your Instagram.

Best IGTV video idea for beginners

How to Use IGTV for Business | IGTV video ideas

Maybe you are still not sure on the kind of videos you can create and upload to IGTV, here are a few suggestions to help you make a good decision:

Comedy skits: If you think you are hilarious and can make people forget their sorrows, why don’t you try to make those jokes into videos?

All you need is a smartphone and probably a video editor – I recommend Inshot or Viva video.

You can download these tools on Playstore or Appstore.

After two to five videos, like a boom, you will be known everywhere.

The likes of Broda Shaggi, Lasisi Elenu, Baba Alariya, and other popular comedians took advantage of Instagram to target their audience before getting a massive number of subscribers on YouTube.

How to videos: Can you cook, teach, sew, or do you have any other top skills other people can learn from you? IGTV is an avenue to target people that need such training.

You can use IGTV to create your audience and make a name for yourself since you have enough time to add more value to your videos.

Seeing is believing, they say.

People will approach you more when they see you carry out your skills in reality.

In addition to getting more customers, the good thing is that you can also earn money by promoting brands related to what you do, through sponsored posts and so on.

Reviews: Are you a game addict or shopper? Why don’t you create a video to review those games you have played and those products you have bought when you shop?

As a matter of fact, this is one of the best ways to use IGTV for marketing and getting brand endorsement deals.

Make sure your review is transparent and covers both the cons and pros of whatever service you might be reviewing, so it won’t be as if you’re paid to cook the story.

Dance and music videos: It’s not until you can make some robotics moves or become an expert in break moves that you can create a dance video.

Even your local “shaku shaku” (a kind of street dance in Nigeria especially in areas of Lagos) can give your audience the best vibes.

So, stand shaking your body and show people how real moves are being done.

Derivation from other videos: If you cannot still create a video yourself, don’t panic.

There is always something for everyone.

You can also cut out clips from other videos and merge them into one video.

The clips could be the funny parts of a movie, powerful words spoken by different motivational speakers or even one, football highlights, and so on.

The production of such videos has been on the increase and the number of views is really amazing, especially on platforms like Facebook.

Videos on tourism: You can also shoot videos and upload them when you visit places like museums, beaches, amusement parks, or travel to other places.

Let people know what you think about those places and why they should visit such places.

Maybe this is quite easy, right?

These are just a few tips from the countless number of ideas you can use to create your own IGTV videos.

More ideas includes; animations, reality shows, short dramas, videos on pranks, and the likes.

Like I said earlier, “there is always something for everyone”.

How much can you earn on IGTV?

You might have been wondering just how much can you really make on IGTV.

Although we can’t give you an exact figure for now because your earnings depend primarily on your number of followers and sponsored brands.

However, according to PetalCard, an Instagrammer with less than 1,000 followers can earn up to $88.00 per post while those with about 10,0000 followers can earn as high as $200.00 per post.

The real wealth starts to come in when you attain a million+ followers. Then, your earnings will be limitless.

Presently, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo earns over $1,000,000 per post with over a hundred million followers.

So, your earnings are proportional to the followers and the quality of your videos.

Instagram has over a billion monthly users which makes it a bit easier to get followers and maximize your earning potentials.

Once the monetization is made available to everyone, the income of Instagrammers should be on the increase.


By now, I think you should have started rationalizing how you can start generating income from IGTV after discovering different ways to use IGTV for business.

Avani Gregg who is a popular creator was quoted:
IGTV has given me a place to show my fans more of my creativity and personality which has helped grow my personal brand.

Being able to earn money from the content I am creating gives me even more motivation to share more of myself with my followers on IGTV. Aveni Greg

It’s obvious that you can now use IGTV to market your brand.

Grab the opportunity now (not until it becomes crowded like YouTube) to establish yourself as one of the best video creators on Instagram.

Making money online is really easy and interesting but that is when you are smart and creative.


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