How to Know Websites Hosted on VPS or Dedicated Server


Once you get involved in online business such as managing blogs, e-commerce, discussion forum, and so on, you will want to investigate your competitors. Especially those whose online business is more prominent than yours.

If your online business is on a shared hosted server, you will like to research to know when to migrate to a better and more reliable one.

In this case, most people start checking other websites’ traffic comparing it with theirs.

Next, they do is trying to find out the server those websites are on, to determine if it is worth migrating to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server.

Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting

To understand VPS Hosting, you have first to understand shared hosting.

Shared hosting is just like having many user accounts on the same computer, where all the users can use the computer at the same time. In the shared hosting, everyone on it uses it at the same time.

The effect of this is that, if one website on the server is consuming a huge amount of RAM or bandwidth, other sites on the same server will suffer, as they will have only a few resources on it.

Compare with VPS hosting where several websites are hosted on the same server. But there is a hypervisor that ensures that a website on a server does not cause other sites on the same server to suffer.

When you purchase a VPS Hosting, you will be allocated a certain amount of bandwidth, RAM, and server space. Therefore, the effect of another website on the same server can never affect your site.

If your site(s) resource demands become too much that the available resources are insufficient. Then you can contact your host company, and pay for more resources to be added for you.

No other activities on the server will affect your site; only your activities when your resources are not enough for your site demand.

Dedicated Server or Dedicated Hosting

On the other hand, hosting on a dedicated server means that you are renting an entire server all for yourself; this is why dedicated hosting is costly.

Although the management of the server, such as software updates and malware protection, can be allocated to your hosting company. Or you can also decide to handle it all by yourself.

Having a dedicated server, you can choose the resources such as; the amount and type of RAM, the processor, the size and kind of hard drive, etc. In this case, all the server resources are allocated only to the site(s) you hosted on your dedicated server.

How to Know Websites Hosted on VPS or Dedicated Server

VPS Hosting

There are no available tools to specify what type of hosting or server a site is hosted on. It is only the webmaster of that site who can give you such vital information, but intelligent guesses can be made.

  • Most sites with over 10,000 daily page views are hosted on VPS
  • Most sites with over 50,000 daily page views are hosted on a dedicated server
  • Most low traffic eCommerce stores are hosted on VPS
  • Most high-traffic eCommerce stores are hosted on dedicated servers.
  • Most low-traffic websites are on shared hosting.
  • If the nameservers and the domain name are the same, it is a Reseller Hosting, VPS, or Dedicated Server.
  • Check the IP, if you see tons and tons of other websites hosted on the same IP, then there is a high tendency it is shared hosting.

How to Check Daily Traffic of a Website

There are many online tools to check the average daily traffic of a website, but I will list just a few of them that are free.





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