What is an IP Address and Types of IP Address

IP Address

An IP address is the short form of the Internet Protocol address. It is an identifying number for a piece of network hardware.

An IP address is what allows your device to communicate with other devices through an IP-based network like the internet.

IP addresses always look like this:

The IP address is the identity of every network device. Just like every home address has a physical location with an identifiable address. Devices on a network can separately be identified via their IP addresses.

It is with the IP address that you can use to track the particular location of a network device.

Types of IP Address

1. Private IP address

A Private IP address is used “inside” a network, just like the one you run at your home.

The private IP addresses are used to make way for devices to easily communicate with a router and other devices in a private network.

This type of IP address can be set manually or assigned automatically by a router.

2. Public IP address

A Public IP address is used on the “outside” of a network, and an ISP assigns it.

It’s the main address a network uses to communicate with other networked devices around the world.

It provides a way for the devices to reach an ISP, and therefore, the outside world, allowing them to do things such as; access websites and communicate directly with other devices.



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