What is an IP Address and Types of IP Address

IP Address

An IP address is the short form of the Internet Protocol address. It is an identifying number for a piece of network hardware.

An IP address is what allows your device to communicate with other devices through an IP based network like the internet.

IP addresses always look like this:

The IP address is an identity to every network device. Just like every home address has a physical location with an identifiable address. Devices on a network can separately be identified via their IP addresses.

It is with the IP address that you can use to track the particular location of a network device.

Types of IP Address

1. Private IP address

A Private IP address is used “inside” a network, just like the one you run at your home.

The private IP addresses are used to make way for devices to easily communicate with a router and other devices in a private network.

This type of IP addresses can be set manually or assigned automatically by a router.

2. Public IP address

A Public IP address is used on the “outside” of a network, and an ISP assigns it.

It’s the main address a network uses to communicate with other networked devices around the world.

It provides a way for the devices to reach an ISP, and therefore, the outside world, allowing them to do things such as; access websites and communicate directly with other devices.


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