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How to Find the eCommerce Platform an Online Store is Using

After you are done reading this post, you will learn the easiest ways to find the eCommerce platform an online store is using.

Knowing the eCommerce framework an online store makes use of – has always been a challenging task for many.

On like WordPress, which we can easily detect websites that make use of it. In the case of eCommerce, the reverse is the case.

Else, the eCommerce was built with the amazing WordPress Woo-commerce plugin – then you can easily detect that it was built under the WordPress framework.

Apart from WordPress, there are so many other frameworks that can be used to develop outstanding eCommerce.

Best frameworks for developing eCommerce

Now how can we know if an eCommerce was built with Magento, Abante, or any other framework?

Let’s look at it this way

OK! Mr. Smith is a web developer; he just won a contract to build an eCommerce store to look exactly and have the full functionalities like Konga.com. Mr. Smith knows he can develop a perfect eCommerce with WordPress Woo-commerce.

Mr. was so happy thinking the job will be an easy task. He immediately navigated his web browser to Themeforest to buy the best WordPress Woocommerce theme and other necessary plugins from CodeCanyon.

Mr. Smith succeeded in building an outstanding eCommerce that is better than Konga.com in terms of functionalities and responsiveness.

Mr. Smith was happy he did it. He then uploaded it on the server, but his client rejected the job, saying he wants a 90% clone of Konga.com.

Unfortunately, Mr. Smith doesn’t know the framework that was used in developing Konga.com. So it will be a much bigger task for him to achieve his client’s needs. Else he wants to start writing codes from scratch.

If only he know the framework that was used, it would have saved him much time and built his client’s confidence in him too.

This is more than seven weeks now, and his yet to get to job done to the taste of his client.

In case you know Mr. Smith, tell him to navigate to this post

In learning how to find out the eCommerce platform on online store uses, we will make use of Konga.com as a case study. This, we believe, will be of help to Mr. Smith in getting his job done.

Killing two birds with a stone right!!!

The same technique will be applied to find out the eCommerce platform any online store is using. It is also perfect for detecting WordPress or any other web application.

Which eCommerce Platform is Konga built with

To do this, first, we will have to navigate our web browser to Builtwith.com

Just as the name implies Builtwith is a fantastic website that can be used to find out the back-end properties of an eCommerce and most other web applications.

To check the platform a store is built with – enter a store’s URL, and BuiltWith will return a full profile that tells you the eCommerce and shopping cart technologies the store is using, as well as other results describing the full detail on how the website was built.

See image below

Enter Konga.com or any other eCommerce or website which you want to check the framework or platform which it is built with.

build with

Next click on Lookup, the next page will contain a long list of different information about the site which includes;

  • Nameserver Providers
  • Hosting Providers
  • Email Services
  • SSL Certificate
  • Shipping Providers
  • Ecommerce/CMS (depending on which the site rests)
  • Frameworks
  • Advertising
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • JavaScript Libraries
  • Widgets
  • Content Delivery Network, and much more information

In the case of Konga.com under Ecommerce, see the image below 

build with

As shown in the image above, we can see now that Konga.com was built with Magento Enterprise Edition.

With this, I believe Mr. Smith now has a quick solution

Depending on the type of store, you can also get helpful info such as knowing which applications and widgets the store runs on. Also inclusive are advertising to analytics data.

You can also use Wappalyzer to detect the web application different online platform makes use of



Wappalyzer is a BuiltWith browser extension. Available for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Wappalyzer will display an icon next to the address bar, which will tell you the platform a website is running on, it also provides additional information in a drop-down menu.


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