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What is a Domain Name and Types of Domain Name

The term domain name is becoming very popular in the world today, especially as the rate of internet users is increasing at a rapid pace.

Although not everyone knows what a domain name means, some who know of it don’t know much about how it works.

We developed this article not only to explain the domain name to you. We will also explain how it works and the types of domains available in the domain market.

What is a Domain Name

A domain name is simply a web address. Just the way every house on the street has an address, your domain name can be said to be your address on the web.

A domain name is an address where Internet users can access to see whatever you have customized for them to see (a website).

The domain name is used for finding computers on the Internet. Computers make use of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which are a series of numbers.

It is tough for humans to remember internet protocol (IP), which is of strings or numbers. Because of this reason, the domain name was developed – to be used to identify things on the Internet rather than using IP addresses.

A domain name can include a combination of alphabet, numbers, and some special character [“” “_“] also with an extension, such as “.com,”.net,”.org,”.info” and many others.

A domain name must first be registered before it can be used. Two or more websites can never share the same domain name.

Before any website or web application such as a blog, forum, or social network can be visible online, there must be a domain name that will be pointing on the server where the website is hosted.

No website can stand on its own without a domain name – else, with the use of IP, which will be very hard to memorize.

Types of domain name


Domain names also come in different types, whichever you will be based on your need.

1. Top Level Domains (TLD)

TLD is the highest level in the internet DNS structure. They are the most popular and the most used among every other type of domain name. The top-level domain is divided into two types.

Types of Top Level Domains

  • Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD): The generic are often called the custom domain names. It is most times industrial-based. Examples are; .biz, .net, .com, .org, .webiste, .site, and so on.
  • Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD): Examples of the ccTLD are; .ng (pointing to Nigeria), .uk (pointing to the United Kingdom), .us (pointing to the United States of America). There are also other specific types of country code TLD like the; .com.ng (also pointing to Nigeria), .com.uk, (also pointing to the United Kingdom), .com.us (also pointing to the United States).

2. Second-Level Domains

The second Level Domains are registered by individuals and organizations. They are the address commonly used to host Internet applications like web hosting and email addressing.

3. Third-Level Domain

Third Level Domain names are created from second-level domains. It can be used for setting up individual domains for specific purposes, i.e., a domain for web access and one for mail, or a separate website for a special purpose, e.g., yoursite.blogspot.com

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How much is a domain name?

A domain name is very affordable. It ranges between $1 to $30, depending on the domain name you need and the domain registrar you are buying from.

A standard dot com (.com) domain costs between $8 to $12, and dot org (.org) may cost almost the same price.

In most cases, the dot net (.net) is always a bit more expensive. A special domain name like dot ai (.ai) and dot biz(.biz) may be much more costly.

The ccTLD price is also expensive, such as the .ng.us, and .uk – but the limited domain name such as the .com.ng and .com.gh are very affordable.


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