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How to Play and Win Bet9ja Every Day in 2023

After reading this post you will know the best way to predict your football matches in other to play and win bet9ja.

In recent years, so many youths including the underaged are getting so addicted to online football betting popularly called “Bet9ja” in this part of the world.

You will agree with me when I say “It’s getting so much more difficult to win bet9ja nowadays”

The sad news about this is that after spending several hours predicting and forecasting, so many people still end up losing.

What a pity and waste of time!

Sometimes I wonder why someone will lose several hours and still lose their money, it is so worrisome.

Because of this, lots of people criticized this type of business saying “It’s making our youth so lazy” while some had made strong statements – asking the government to intervene.

But I don’t think the government has much to do, they can only caution people, or make policies that will restrict its citizens from engaging much in it.

On the other hand, knowing that a good population of Nigeria are youth, who are also the ones that engage much in Bet9ja, and also have strong voting power. The government will not want to face many critics.

On my own part, I think it is a game of choice, if you are in for it then make sure you never get addicted to it or waste your precious time on it, and above all, bet only with what you can afford to lose.

Lots of people have lost their fortunes in the name of playing bet9a and 9jabet.

Even after knowing this, and the difficulties in winning bet9ja, people still don’t mind, they all believe that they will win it big someday.

On a daily basis, thousands of Nigerians accumulated stakes hundreds of millions in Naira, being optimistic of winning.

But the sad news remains that only less than one percent of the huge number that played the game for the day end up “smiling very big to the bank”, I mean those who make a good profit.

No wonder why bet9ja is among the most visited websites in Nigeria!

One good thing about those involved in “bet9ja” is that they stay optimistic to win as each day passes by.

Their winning morale even increases whenever they get information that someone won a huge sum of money somewhere.

But who cares! The big question is how to easily win bet9ja

Without wasting much time let’s go straight to why we are here, we will give you some principles that will increase your chances of winning bet9ja by 75%.

Cheats to Win Bet9ja

Bet9ja Winning Ticket

The highest winning ticket of bet9ja I have ever seen is 49.8 million naira and it has a ticket number of  B935EWSCEZAPRR-841831.

I doubt if the ticket number if is still available because it’s been a couple of years, but if it’s still available if you insert the ticket number you will find the winning games, and the pattern the winner used, maybe you will learn from it.

Just a few weeks ago before releasing this article, a taxi driver who stays in my street won 37 million naira in bet9ja, and he was paid in full. So this is real and people that know the rules are really making it big.

Cheats to Win Bet9ja

This is the best cheat you can ever get on the secrets of winning 9jabet or bet9ja. If you can truly follow them all it will be a cheat to win bet9ja at any point in time.

The bet9ja soccer prediction winning cheat rules are explained below.

1. There is no such thing as “Match Fixing” or “Sure Game”

Most time people offer games, some even sell games online and offline, claiming it is a fixed match. Although sometimes they might luckily predict correctly because they are good analysts.

It’s normal, some people are just very good at predicting football results.

This will make you think they have a link of some kind of connection, be careful when you include such a game in your staking slip or pay for those games.

Even those giving you these games are not so sure of themselves, else what stops them from putting all they have and become mega-millionaires overnight, rather they choose to earn little money from their customers who are subscribing to their so-called fixed matches.

Even if a team wants to fix a particular match, it will be a guided top secret, of course, remember there is always a penalty for game-fixing.

Else the person offering such a game to you is the president of FIFA, lol.

2. Never underestimate any team

Although this is an unavoidable risk if you want to win bet9ja, so you should never look down on any team, you can never be 100% sure a weak team will lose a match – not even when they are up against the best.

If you follow up on football results from various leagues, it will bring to your notice and you will realize that over 15% of underestimated teams win on a daily basis.

Sometimes the percentage may even be more, there you have to be very careful here.

This is the reason few games always “cast your ticket“. Some people aware of this may prefer to choose the goal-wining option instead of the “straight win” or “double chance”.

One thing you should take note of is not just the team performance, but to ascertain what the team is playing for.

For instance, a team that has already won the league, but still has some matches to go can easily lose to a very weak.

The reason is that the team has nothing to play for, therefore, they may not take the match very seriously, and even if they do, they may play the match with their second eleven.

3. Do not stake on a team you support

Staking on a team you support will definitely involve emotions. If you must succeed in football prediction, you should learn to completely keep emotions away from your predictions.

If you have to stake on the team you are a fan of, then never accumulate it with other games on your bet slip.

Play it as a single game, no matter how weak the team they are up against is. Do this if you must win bet9ja.

You might think this is nonsense, but it is a betting principle. Adhering to it brings luck to your overall game success.

4. Lookout For Jinx in Football Matches

If you are familiar with the word jinx, then you should know by now that it plays a role in some specific teams and football matches.

Let me put it in a way you will understand better.

For example, there are cases where Team A will always win Team B when playing on a particular field irrespective of the stronger or weaker team.

Again, there are teams that can hardly win two straight matches. Once they have a win they will in most cases lose or draw their next match.

Some teams are known for starting the league in good form and break down after a particular point into the season.

Another example may be a case where Team  A will always lose the game when a particular player isn’t playing.

Again, some players are known to always score goals when playing against a particular team.

Back in the years, there was a jinx between Real Madrid and Olympique Lyon for solid six years (2004 – 2010) in the UEFA Champions League.

Even though Olympique Lyon was a weaker team when compared to Real Madrid, they were able to win Real Madrid on aggregate for straight six years.

And the most wondering thing about it is that they continued to play each other during that period, either in the group stage or at a point in the tournament.

Jinx doesn’t last forever, to discover it is quite difficult, because it may take a while for it to be noticed. And it will break after few years.

Once you notice a jinx, it’s either you stake high on the reoccurrence of you avoid the involved teams or matches totally.

5. Stake only on selected leagues

If you want to keep a steady pace of winning then you should carefully study some selected leagues of interest, and just staking on every league that has a match to play.

Every league has its own temperament, when you understand the temperament a league possesses, then predicting matches from the league will always be positive, even with little or no forecast, there is still a high chance of predicting correctly and make some good winnings.

6. You must not stake on every match you wish to

Most people always like to stake on “big matches” such as El Clasico, Manchester derby, etc. knowing fully well that the outcome of such a game is always very hard to predict right. If you are skeptical about a game outcome then let it go – pick other games.

If you must stake on such a competitive game then you should go for options like goals, corners, and cards, these options are better for competitive games.

7. Don’t be deceived by odds in key matches

Don’t judge a team from the odds given to it. Sometimes after forecasting the outcome of a football match we get totally discouraged by the odds given to the team. This is a big battle with our instinct, and when it comes to football forecasting, our instinct may not be trusted.

Therefore, trying to amend our prediction based on the odds. We end up asking ourselves questions like “How will a team with 7.5 odd win a team with 1.4 odd” If you keep looking at the odds you will hardly predict correctly or win big.

If you can find a way to make your sports booking site stop showing the odds, I suggest you do so and view the odds after you have placed the game.

8. Never depend fully on predicting sites

I would like to bring to your notice that most soccer predicting sites are programmed with artificial intelligence, a kind of robot predicting according to teams; recent form, position on the table, home advantage, etc.

You can use the predicting site to select some match, but to achieve victory – you will have to do further research on each of the teams, especially on their “head-to-head” performance.

Some top soccer predicting sites you can make use of are in no order, WinDrawWin, PredictZ, SoloPredict, and 1960tips.

9. Never stake matches when you are angry

How to Win Bet9ja | angry football fan

You should only stake when you are in a perfect state of mind. Never think that you are too perfect not to let your anger affect your prediction.

If you are a fan of spirituality you will understand this better, it is a law of nature, get ready to lose your game if you disobey this law.

Even if you end up winning, then know that you are meant to win 10 times bigger than you did.

10. To win bet9ja – Avoid staking in a Haste

To win bet9ja, don’t be in haste when booking or forecasting your games, you should always be relaxed and have plenty of time to yourself.

If for instance if I want to forecast a game, I love doing it at midnight. At that time I had no distractions, and there was plenty of time for me to do all kinds of research. I won’t be in haste because am in a workplace, or I have something to do. So I advise you to emulate such.

If the game is close to kick-off time simply let it go, you mustn’t stake every game. Otherwise you are staking a “live match” then staking in haste will be necessary before an outcome expires or the odds drop.

11. Never borrow money to play a game

It is not advisable to borrow money to play a game be it bet9ja or Nairabet. Facts have proven this, and it is still proving it today.

If you don’t have money to play the game, relax and follow up with the outcome of the game.

This is also a law of nature, if you don’t adhere to it, there would be a higher probability that you will not win bet9ja that day. Like I said it is a law of nature, more like a mystery, without any empirical reasons to back it up.

12. Don’t assume you know it all

You may be good at predicting the outcome of football matches, but never allow it to get into your head.

There is something called “luck” which plays about 20% of the final result in every football match. This is why the most impressive team may still end up losing even after having more of the ball possession and being goals ahead.

Or haven’t you seen cases where the best team in a league loses against to worst team, these things happen so often, so in this regard, your prediction may fail you.

Assuming “you know it all” will make you not perform sufficient research on matches. Let your research predict the outcome and not what you think or know.

13. Speak less about your game

I know most people will not agree with me on this. But note, this is also another law of nature.

After playing your game stay calm and do not tell people your game update, speak less about the outcome in public.

Most people after playing a game, show the ticket to everyone, telling them how much they will win, this is spiritually wrong.

If you lose the game don’t tell people “Nah one game cast my ticket” Even if you end up winning, while celebrating don’t tell people what is making you celebrate.

If you insist on broadcasting it – then you have received your reward (glory) know that your next “game win” will take more time than is supposed to. Don’t ask why, it is a mystery.

14. Mind your Staking Amount

The first principle of Bet9ja and NaijaBet is never to stake what you can’t afford to lose.

The more you accumulate games, also know that the tendency of losing your money on that game keeps increasing.

You must be wise when choosing the amount to stake in a football match. Most people stake base on the amount they have in their wallet. They stake high when they are financially buoyant and stake less when broke. This is not as it is should be.

You are meant to calculate yourself and set out a fix that you will use on bet9ja. If you don’t do this, nature will make you win only on days you staked little.

You should always have a certain amount to reserve for your stakes on football prediction irrespective of your buoyantness. If you then have a steady win then you can increase the staking amount.

Again, never use money meant for other purposes to bet. If you do so, just know that you have reduced your chances of winning that game. It’s not me speaking, it’s nature.

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