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How to Track Western Union Money Transfer Online

This article explains how to track Western Union Money Transfer online in less than 5 minutes, with or Without MTCN.

Western Union Money Transfer is a financial corporation company that has been in business since 1851. The company allows people to transfer money from one location to another.

As a result, Western Union Transfer permits you to securely transfer money online. Hence, this can be done by using your bank’s online bill pay service, just like a utility bill.

Individuals also deposit money at one of the company’s kiosks and then the receiver is able to pick up the funds at another branch.

It is a United States-based company but does the services of processing financial transactions all over the globe. No matter your location, you will find a western union address near you.

Western Union Money Transfer gives you to secure money transfer. This transfer can be done by using your bank’s online bill pay service, just like a utility bill.

And as for western union transfer charges, that shouldn’t be an issue. Western union international rates are considerably fair enough.

Procedure for Western Union Money Transfer 

After successfully registering and carrying out a payment with western union, individuals can begin to track their payment after sending or receiving the cash.

Hence, this Western union tracking is an attribute integrated into the site as a way to keep western union customers’ hearts relieved when a transaction is in place, and with this, they can check to see when the transfer will arrive and keep them well informed.

With this western Union, you can now track your payment at ease with lesser stress if any.

The MTCN is an important detail for transfer tracking via western union is known as Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

MTCN typically is a personal unique number given to a client after a successful transaction for each transfer.

How to Track Western Union Money Transfer

Select western union Pays as your money transfer option. A bill and payment instructions will also be provided online and by email once you have set up your money transfer.

Western Union money tracking is straightforward. There are many ways for one to track western union online; they were explained below.

Track Western Union Online With MTCN Number

MTCN stands for Money Transfer Control Number. It is a unique tracking number that will be generated for all Western Union money transfers. The MTCN helps in tracking the transfer it process, which may be used for reference purposes.

The unique MTCN personal number is needed by the receiver of the money that is been transferred through a local western union agent when it arrives.

This is for Money in a minute transfer. The money transferred to the receiver can be tracked by the agent without any mistake in as much as the correct information is provided.

To track Western Union money transfer using MTCN, you will have to do the steps below

  1. Enter https://www.westernunion.com/global-service/track-transfer in any web browser. Mobile or PC browsers can be used.
  2. On the web page, you will have to select the sender or receiver. It will depend on which you are. 1
  3. Inside the text field, you will have to provide your MTCN.
  4. Click on Continue.

If the information you provided is correct, you will see the progress of your transaction.

If you lost your tracking number, there are other western unions global pay tracking options.

Western Union Tracking Without MTCN

Transferring money via online platforms comes is always associated with less stress of use that can be related to sending an email or surfing the web for humorous pictures.

Western Union is one of those platforms that offer daily access to money transfer with many options to choose from.

To track Western Union without an MTCN is of two ways.

The first way allows you to track your transfer by supplying the receiver’s country, sender’s phone number, and the send/receive amount.

The second option is to track western union transfer with the receiver’s name, sender name, the receiver’s country, and the send/receive amount. 2

To track your Western Union money transfer without MTCN, do the steps below

  1. Open your browser and navigate to https://www.westernunion.com/global-service/track-transfer.
  2. After the page has successfully opened, under the blue Continue button, click on the “Don’t know the MTCN?” link.
  3. On your next screen, select which variant you wound want to use – whether to supply the sender’s phone number or sender and receiver names.
  4. Fill in the field with the appropriate information.
  5. For best results, add the transfer date (optional).
  6. Click on the Continue button after you have supplied the necessary information.

If the information you provided is correct, you will be able to see the progress of your transaction.

How to Transfer Money Online Using Western Union

Transferring money through Western Union can be done in diverse ways they are listed below as they include. Money in minutes, Online foreign exchange, Bank account payment, Direct transfer, and also Mobile phone payment.

Western Union Nigeria

To access the Western union login from Nigeria, you will have to visit www.westernunion.com/ng/en/home.html. It is from this link you can visit the Nigerian version to login in and do whatever you want to without any restriction.

Hope this was helpful, thanks for your time.

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