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How to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria

In today’s article, we will take a look at how to make money on Facebook.

What do you do on Facebook?

How much have you ever made from Facebook?

Do you know that some people earn their living from Facebook?

To most people, Facebook is a place to pass out time and chat with family and friends.

While the majority are on Facebook to catch fun within their leisure time, few people depend on Facebook to earn a living.

What is Facebook

I won’t waste much of your time explaining what Facebook is – as am sure you are very familiar with it.

But I will like to let you know that Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, which has over 1 billion users globally.

The most amazing thing about Facebook is that its users keep increasing daily.

Facebook allows users to share feelings, videos, pictures, and other updates in the form of status.

Having an account on Facebook also allows you to create multiple business pages,  groups, and apps.

As it stands today, Facebook is more than just a chat room where people pass out time and make new friends.

How to Create New Facebook Account

Procedures are to be followed in order to create a new Facebook account to make it easy for you; this is a simple way to do it. Simply,

  • Login to
  • Click on sign up
  • Fill in the necessary information for your account to be activated this including Name. phone number or email address, gender, date of birth, etc
  • Once you are done filling the form,
  • Click next and you will see some transcript you would be asked to enter
  • After that choose your password and confirm it.
  • Tap Sign Up

It’s done but make sure you complete your profile as it will be used by Facebook to help you connect to your families and friends.

Today we will look at a few ways to how we can make money via Facebook.

How to Earn Money on Facebook

1. Start Selling Affiliate Products

Do you know that you can become an affiliate marketer for some big companies and make lots of money from your home?

There are thousands of affiliate programs over the world.

Your job here is not stressful; all you need to do is to promote your affiliate products or services using affiliate links on Facebook.

Once you make a sale via your affiliate link, you get a commission.

For example, do you know that Uber pays as much as $200 when a verified Uber Driver invites another driver via his affiliate link?

I once chatted with a US-based Uber driver who promoted his Uber affiliate link via Facebook and made over $18,600 in just a year.

There are lots of things you can promote on Facebook look around you and pick an affiliate program and promote it via Facebook.

2. Through Facebook Page

This option is mostly appreciated by those who are into blogging. Link your site URL to your page, and if you have many likes on your page, it will attract so many visitors to your site.

If you have monetized your site – this means more money. You direct people to your blog via Facebook; they click on the link and increase your site traffic and ranking.

Although, what matters here the most is the number of likes your Facebook page has.

If your Facebook page is about 50k likes, you will be sure of about 1k users on your site. It can even be far more if your Facebook page user’s engagement is very high.

In this case, you will need to be promoting your page to get more likes, and in return, you make money when the page followers get engaged by following your blog links.

Also, you can also promote affiliate links via this medium.

3. Make money from Facebook ads


Facebook ads are perfect for those who deal with physical products (not affiliates).

While the Facebook page only puts your products around those who liked your page, with Facebook ads, you can reach out to more targeted customers.

You can advertise your business, goods, or services using Facebook ads to generate more sales and attract more customers.

For instance, someone who sells cars can spend a few bucks on Facebook ads, targeting potential customers in any location of his choice.

In a few days he will get a buyer, he sells and makes a profit.

Gone are those days when you will have to invest hugely in an advert on newspapers, radio, and television.

4. Make money from selling Facebook Page and Group

One great thing about Facebook is that it is so flexible as it allows changing of page and group admin as well as supports multiple admins.

Most people have made good money selling their Facebook page and group.

If you have lots of followers around you, then you can quickly build up a Facebook page or group.

Some people even go extreme miles, making use of tricks, paid tools, and broadcast to build up their pages in a few weeks.

A Facebook page with about 100K likes can for up to 300k; the same applies to Facebook groups.


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