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6 Websites To Make Students More Productive In Learning

The article you are about to read contains the best educative websites that can make students much more productive in learning.

These days, students do almost everything online. They read online, write online, and do most of their assignments online.

Students nowadays spend a lot of their time on the Internet, whether it’s productively researching an essay.

All that is required is to have an internet supported device and an internet connection. Once these are made available, a student can sort the internet to get the information they are looking for.

It’s inevitable; most students spend quality time on their laptops and phone screens than embracing the big wild outdoors.

So if you’re going to be browsing anyway, there are some useful websites out there that you may as well be using.

These listed websites are much more productive in helping school students in achieving success.

Best Educative Websites

1. Scholar.google.com

Websites to Make Students More Productive

Google Scholar surrounds the web’s clutter and targets peer-reviewed and researched articles, mainly from papers, journals, and other sources that are likely to win your professor’s and supervisors’ approval.

Create a Google Scholar Library to retrieve previous discoveries, save searches, and search the text of found reports.

Create a Google Scholar Profile to track citations to your publications and have greater control over references to your content.

2. Lifehacker.co.uk

The LifeHacker site aims to help its users out with life in the modern world. Popular tags include ‘Productivity,’ ‘Money,’ and ‘DIY.’

3. Keepmeout.com

There are lots of distracting websites which many students spend time on. An example of such a website is the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

If you want to totally stay away from different social networks when you are meant to be studying, use KeepMeOut to block certain distracting websites.

4. Cashcourse.org

For many school students, college is the first foray into full financial independence. Most are terrible at it — the consequences could cast a shadow for some years to come.

The cash course is a student-friendly resource website that is full of solid strategies and tips that can help avoid a lifetime of debt.

Universities can connect to their service and use it for issuing students specific guidance or financial course assignments.

It’s worth holding onto your account even after graduating, for its articles devoted to buying a home, planning a wedding, and other leaps into adulthood.

5. Instructables.com

This is one of the most useful online student resources if you like making and fixing things yourself. You can learn anything from how to make spaghetti ice-cream to how to fix a broken shelf.

6. Citethisforme.com

This site writes a bibliography and checks references, so there’s no chance of being unjustly accused of plagiarism. It’s very frustrating to lose marks on an assignment for incorrect referencing. Citing can add hours to a student’s already busy workload. It can site books, websites, podcasts, and more, with a Google-esque search system.

The best thing about it is it’s free of charge and will save your bibliography for up to a week. Plus, it has a multitude of referencing styles, notably APA, Chicago, and Harvard.

I hope all the sites we listed here will be valuable to you as a student. As time goes on, we will keep increasing the list. Please, if you know of any website that will help school students improve themselves, kindly comment on the comment box below with a little description about the website so we can add it up.


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