9 Factors to Predict Football Matches Correctly Online

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This article explained all the factors you have to consider when trying to predict football matches correctly.

Soccer is one thing that brings people from different walks of life together. Football is no doubt hobby for many, not just that so many who don’t even know how to play football support one club or the other, no wonder it’s now a part of life for people over to the world.

Every weekend we see people gathering in place just to watch football will fellow fans. The weekend is always very boring when no football match will be played.

Before the start of every football game, people make predictions, predicting the outcome or result of matches.

Lots of people are emotional and/or bias when predicting football results, this is either because they are fans of the playing team, or they have staked on the team. But this is not right.

Football prediction is one thing one can really make a fortune from if good at it. To Predict football matches is as difficult as chasing a moving car for those who lack knowledge about it.

The tendency of predicting the outcome of a football match correctly varies, depending on the information you have.

Some people see football as mathematics or/and statistics. But what happens after the whole calculations?

Most people end up predicting football outcomes wrongly.

Predicting the outcome of a football game is easier than predicting the correct score. The tendency of predicting the correct result of a football match is less than 33%.

There are many variables that can affect the outcome of a football match. If these variables can all be predicted then you are sure of the results.

How to Predict Football Matches and Win Big

Like I explained in a post I termed 12 Secrets of Football Prediction, I made a statement there that you should only choose from selected leagues and teams. In addition to that, the following variables should be considered.

1. The teams in question

Knowing and understanding the playing teams is the first step to predicting the possible outcome of a football match yet to be played.

Every team has its own temperament, weakness, and strength. Some teams play more attacking football, while some defend their game more.

Some teams prefer not to win with much goal margin, once they start winning they will substitute their key players because they feel they have already won the match.

This you must put into consideration, especially if you want to predict the correct result of a football game.

2. Football Luck

Most people still don’t believe that luck exists in football. As a contributory factor in football “luck” is not within our capacity to predict.

When luck is involved, anything can happen. We don’t have powers or control over luck.

We can only pray for luck to go in favour of our predictions.  “Own goal” is a bit of luck that is advantageous to the team.

In fact, generally speaking, luck has done so many unimaginable things.

I can remember vividly sometimes ago when a friend predicted that  Atletico Madrid will win a particular match. The match played goalless for 90 minutes, and the referee added an additional 5 minutes of injury time. In the 93rd minute, Atletico Madrid scored a goal, while my friend was still jubilating that he has won 250,000 from his prediction, the goal was equalized a minute after.

Just know that once luck wants to play a part in a game, the outcome may be unpredictable, since luck can not be calculated.

3. Home Advantage

Although this doesn’t count sometimes, over 80% of football teams are better of when playing at their home stadium than when playing away.

The reason for the is because, their home stadium is where they play most times, which makes them get acquainted with it.

Every team playing at home is expected to have more fans in the stadium. The cheers of the fans will also motivate the home team to play better.

Home advantage does not mean that they will win the game, but all things being equal the home team will have more ball possession and even play better.

Therefore, when predicting a football match make your research to know the home team track records when playing at home

4. Weather Condition

The effect of weather conditions is rare as it affects both teams in the field of play. But there are times it may have a negative effect on some teams than others.

Take for instance, an African team playing against an European team during winter. This may have a negative impact on the African team.

If you are about to predict a football match with this kind of scenario, you must put the weather condition into consideration.

5. Current Form

Considering the current form of a team is a step ahead of determining the outcome of their match. Use the last 5 matches result to determine the team’s recent form.

A team that is in good form hardly loses a match, when playing against an opponent of the same class.

No matter how strong or weak a team or football club is, their current for matters a lot on their next game.

6. The Opponent

You can’t just predict the soccer results of a team without taking research on the opponent.

No matter how good a team is, you can never predict their match result correctly without taking another look at their opponent.

Every research you perform on a team should also be performed on their opponent, on the same basis.

7. Team Next Big Match

Most times we find big teams losing a match before the next crucial match.

This is so not because they want to lose. But because they consider the crucial match more important.

As a result of which, they are forced to bench their top key players to avoid injuries and keep them fit for the next match.

8. Pitch of Play

Either artificial grass pitch or natural grass pitch both have an effect on some players. For instance, natural grass is known to be slippery. This may affect some players in the pitch of play.

Every player is better on a particular type of pitch over the other.

To Predict right, investigate the key players the will play the match you are predicting, Know the pitch they will be played on, and compare the key players’ performance on those kinds of the pitch.

9. Injuries

Before predicting a match consider already injured who are likely not to play, and their overall impact on their team. If their impact is high, then know who their possible replacement is.


Most of what we explained here has no direct measure of yardstick in measuring them. Your instinct will have a vital role in predicting the overall result of every game. You must build your instinct to trust it well while making a soccer decision.

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