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How to Play Baba Ijebu Online and Win Big Everyday

Many individuals have craved greatly to boost their income flow. However, there appear to be limited business options, but it was never a doom to persons who go miles exploring money-making options that are legal.

Given the presence of lottery gaming systems run by different companies; majorly Baba Ijebu most adventurous individuals have seen their prayers answered.

Baba Ijebu remains one of the most trusted lottery companies in Nigeria. It is called the game of adults.

Most people lack the knowledge of how to play this lottery game online. Nevertheless, this work will shed light on how to play this lottery online and make cool money.

Step-by-Step Way to Play Baba Ijebu Online

Baba Ijebu lottery also known as Premier Lotto remains one of the most renowned and trusted bookmakers in Nigeria.

This company was established in the year 2001. Baba Ijebu remains the betting company that implies just eight sports for betting, such as boxing, soccer, volleyball, hockey, darts, and many more.

Mouthwatering odds are suggested for pre-match and live events. However, Baba Ijebu offers the best odds for all sports games, and the bonus for accumulation is overwhelmingly mouthwatering.

Again, an extensive range of virtual games are available for stake on this website. There is a huge welcome promo bonus for newly registered gamers and this makes for a smooth start.

Baba Ijebu Premier Lotto is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board. The website is very easy and user-friendly for people who are not netizens. All information on Baba Ijebu’s website is in English.

Playing Baba Ijebu online makes for easy gaming, given the hectic nature of walking down to a nearby lottery shop.

Also, it allows for gaming at one from one’s bed. Howbeit, knowing how to play Baba Ijebu online allows for convenience that ushers in successful winning, although not a guarantee. But the convenience that ushers in winning is guaranteed.

Do you want to learn how to play Baba Ijebu online? Good! You are at the right place. Below is a step by step way of playing Baba Ijebu online.

Step One: Register Baba Ijebu online lotto platform and log in

  1. To begin placing lottery bets online, first one will need to register online. After registering one can log into his Baba Ijebu online betting account to place bets.
  2. To register online for Baba Ijebu lottery:
  •  Go to babaijebu.ng website
  •  Click on the “Register” button.
  •  Enter every required information
  •  Accept the terms and click “Register.”

Congratulations if you followed this process to register Baba Ijebu.

You can log in whenever you return to the site to play Baba Ijebu games. This time you will not need to register again but only to log in with your username and password to bet your games.

Step two: Pick lotto games of your choice, then stake

Baba Ijebu lottery games always come in draws. However, there are periods to play and win big. To achieve this this is the routine you should follow:

  • Select your draw for the next possible draws, of course, your picks could be in the list of draws of the lucky numbers
  • Click on a specific draw to proceed to range from Gold, 06, Jackpot, Lucky G, Club Master, Super, and many others depending on the names pegged on the draws for that particular day
  • Having selected a draw, you can pick your lucky numbers (Select 2 numbers between 1-90) by simply clicking on your desired numbers. Clicking on your desired numbers will highlight the numbers by changing to a red color.

  • If you desire to remove a selected lottery number all you need to do is click on it again to remove it.

Baba Ijebu of course presents various lottery games bettors can choose from and play ranging from NAP (NAP2, NAP3, NAP4 & NAP5), PERM (PERM 2, PERM 3, PERM 4, PERM 5), 1 BANKER and AGAINST. These are the many options Baba Ijebu lottery games come with ad as well as the many benefits that come with it.

Another example is, every NAP Games share the same structure, when selected, one will have to select numbers and set the amount it will be staked (minimum N50 and maximum N50,000). Winners are those who their numbers are drawn.

Below is what NAP Games mean:

  • NAP2 – Means, select only 2 numbers from 1-90 and stand the chance to win 240x the amount staked. For instance, if one should purchase N100 ticket and eventually the number picked on that ticket comes out on the draw board. The individual has won N24,000.
  • NAP3 – Means pick only 3 numbers from 1-90 and you will get to win 2,100x the amount staked.
  • NAP4 – Means select only 4 numbers of your choice from 1-90 and you get to win 6,000x the amount staked.
  • NAP5 – Means select only 5 numbers from 1-90 and stand the chance to win 44,000x the amount staked.

Another aspect of staking is; PERM Games, this system of perming games gifts gamers multiple chances to win through permutation. The PERM 2 banker is the most popular. In this kind of staking, one is allowed to pick between 3-10 numbers. The more numbers one pick the more prizes one would win.

A very good example of PERM 2 staking system. A customer selects the PERM 2 system and picks desired numbers 5, 10, and 56 which means they have 3 possible winning combinations when the draw is declared with each combination called “Line”:

  • Line 1 = 5 and 10
  • Line 2 = 5 and 56
  • Line 3 = 10 and 56

To determine the cost of ticket for this combination, the bettor will have to set an amount for every combination, that is, if one choose to pay N100 per possible winning combination then total amount to pay is N300 (3 x N100). This explanation also applies to other PERM. When one stake PERM 3 and select 5 numbers then there would be 10 different possible winning combinations that one can win from.

Every PERM 2 winning lines payout 240x ticket price and all PERM 3 payout 2,100x ticket price.

For 1 Banker this is more of a luck game but with an enticing reward (cash). So how does it work:

  • When you pick a number and it is drawn, you win 960x your ticket price.

For instance, you pick number 50 and bet N100 on it, this means if number 50 is drawn out then you would win N96,000 (960 x N100).

In the case of betting  AGAINST, this kind of bet is a bit complex, but it is always winnable if one understands precisely how it works.

Below is how it works:

  •  Pick a few numbers of your choice. Maybe 10 numbers 2, 4, 5, 8, 11, 40, 52, 65, 83, 89
  • The machine will go on to split the numbers into 2; top numbers: 1, 4, 5, 7, 11, and bottom numbers: 40, 51, 65, 87, 90
  • The number of the lines will be resolved 5×5 which is 25 lines
  • Assuming the draw result is released and the numbers are: 11, 5, 2, 88, and 43. The implication of this is that the top numbers are 3 and the bottom numbers are 2.
  • As a result, the amount of winning would be 3×2 = 6 lines
  • The lines will be multiplied by the amount staked. For instance: N100 is staked, the final amount would be N100 x 6 lines = N600 cash prize.

By this one will come to understand that the AGAINST gaming system is not always easy. However, if calculated well, one has the chance of winning some extra or good amount of money.

Step three: Add up your entry

Having understood the Baba Ijebu game and how to stake game, the next step is to add up all your entries:

  • After picking lottery numbers, and inputting the stake amount, you can now go on to click “Place Bet”
  • The Lottery entry you picked will now be added to the list
  • However, one can choose to continue adding entries until one has all entries by clicking the “Add Another Ticket” button
  • Again, one can choose to REMOVE whichever lottery entry one does not find okay on the course of picking.

Step four: Confirm and pay

After picking games, what follows next is to confirm and pay:

  • Check the “Bet Slip” section to ascertain all your lottery entries
  • After being sure that all your entries are correct, then you go on to pay for the ticket
  • Lastly, be sure that all your card details are correctly entered during the creation of registration.

Step five: Wait for Draws

Having completed all the staking processes, what is expected of one is to patiently wait for the draws to be released.

After the draws are released you go on to check whether the draws are the same as what you picked. By doing so you will know when you win your ticket.


Having explained in-depth how Baba Ijebu Premier is played, it is however important that the game is actually meant for fun and for bettors who want to try their chances in making money in a legit way.

But it is also important that the game still remains a matter of luck. There is no guarantee that one will always win at all times.

As a result, it is advised that one should do it responsibly and not let addiction to the game ruin him. More so, Baba Ijebu is a venture of persons who are above eighteen years of age.


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