FCMB Recharge Code To Buy Airtime and Data From Account


On This Post, You Will Learn How To Use FCMB Airtime Recharge Code To Recharge Your Mobile Phone

FCMB is among the leading Banks in Nigeria in term of quality banking services – which mobile banking is one of it. How amazing it is – you don’t have to start looking for a store to buy airtime for your phone – FCMB services also includes recharging your phone with a USSD code. This is available on all mobile networks in Nigeria at any time of the day, including midnight.

FCMB Airtime Recharge makes it very easy for you to recharge your mobile phone with your FCMB account. The use of FCMB USSD Recharge Code has made it so easy for mobile phone recharge.

Why not join the party and start recharging your phone via FCMB USSD code

How To Recharge Your Phone With FCMB Airtime Recharge Code

If you have not yet registered for USSD banking on FCMB you must first Dial *329#, register using your phone to carry out your transactions, data is not required.

Dial *329* Amount # To recharge your mobile phone from your FCMB account
Dial *329* Amount * Mobile number # To recharge other mobile phones from your FCMB account
Dial *329* Amount * Account number # To transfer money to FCMB or other banks from your FCMB account
Dial *329*00 # To check your FCMB account balance
Dial *329*0# To reset your pin

To buy airtime using the FCMB mobile airtime recharge code,

Dial *329*Amount# to simply top-up your mobile phone as shown in the table above.

  • For example: to recharge ₦1000 – you will have to dial *329*1000#

Dial *329*Amount*Mobile number# to top-up other mobile phones

  • For example: to recharge a friend phone with  ₦1000 – you will have to dial *329* 1000* 080xxxxxx24 #

The USSD must be sent from the mobile number, which is linked to your FCMB account.

This USSD was found on FCMB official website as at the date this post was last updated. The bank may change its USSD codes at any time, which may not reflect here immediately. Use the USSD at your own risk.

After dialing the USSD code, your mobile number will be credited with the said amount.

The sum will be debited from your FCMB Account and credited in your mobile line.

To achieve this you must have an account with FCMB, and as well the USSD code must be sent with a mobile number which is linked to your FCMB account.


It is as simple as just dialing the code. Enjoy the ease of recharging.

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