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How to Borrow Data from 9mobile – USSD Code

This post is about how to borrow data from 9mobile – the USSD code to borrow MB from 9mobile.

Are you a 9mobile user and need urgent data to perform some of your online tasks?

Data is life in this era, and without data, there are so many things one can’t really do. Wil data we can browse the internet, chat with family and friends, make voice and video calls, play online games, watch and download movies, etc. And when we are out of data what should we do?

Yes! we can borrow data on the 9mabile network.

Before now, it is impossible to borrow data from mobile networks. But in recent years is a thing of the past.

Are you worried because you are in need of internet data to perform some online tasks?

Most mobile networks in Nigeria now allow their customers to borrow data and pay pack later.

Worry no more because 9mobile can actually borrow you some data/MB. Although you will still pay it back, at least it was for your immediate online need.

Borrowing data on 9mobile using morecredit is very easy, and I will be explaining to you the procedures here.

Harmonized Code to Borrow Data

The borrow services code is *303# this code can be used to borrow data from 9mobile and other networks in Nigeria.

How to Borrow Data from 9mobile

To borrow data or megabytes from 9mobile (Etisalat) follow the steps below;

  1. Find out your eligibility for morecredit by dialing *665*3# or text STATUS to 665.
  2. You have to borrow 9mobile credit first before you can subscribe to data with the credit you borrowed.
  3. Dial *665*Amount# or send Amount to 665 to borrow credit from 9mobile. For example, dial *665*100# or send 100 to 665 via SMS to borrow ₦100.
    The available amount that can be borrowed on 9mobile is ₦50, ₦100, ₦200, ₦500, ₦1000, ₦1,150 and ₦2600.
  4. Subscribe to a data plan with the credit you borrowed by dialing *229# to view available data plans.

More Info on 9mobile Morecredit

  • The morecredit is not automatically available; you need to request for it via USSD code or SMS.
  • To know if you are available for morecredit, dial *665*3# or text STATUS to 665.
  • You must dial *665*Amount# or send text AMOUNT to 665 to borrow airtime.
  • 15% of the borrowed amount will be paid as a service fee. For example: when you borrow ₦100 you will receive ₦85.

I hope this article was helpful. Thanks for reading, also share with your loved ones using the share button below.

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