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How to Borrow Data from MTN – MTN Xtrabyte

This article explained how to borrow data from MTN and gave the USSD code.

One thing about technology is change. Over the years we have seen MTN introducing more and more services that will be of benefit to its customers.

There are times we run off data on our MTN network and need to process things online as soon as possible.

MTN has observed the difficulties its loyal customers are going through and decided to introduce the Xtrabyte package.

The MTN Xtrabyte package allows MTN customers to borrow data for browsing the internet and for downloading too.

The eligible data customers will be repaid via airtime – based on data price equivalent to the customer’s next recharge

How to Borrow Data from MTN

  • Dial *312# to subscribe to MTN Xtrabyte or to check if you are eligible to use the feature.
  • Select Borrow Credit/ Recharge
  • Select Borrow Data
  • Choose to amount of data you want. You are allowed to borrow 10MB, 30MB, 100MB, 200MB, or 750MB.
  • Press OK

How to check MTN data balance

It is easy, simply dial *323# and follow the display instruction.

Terms and conditions of MTN Borrow Data

  • Please note that MTN will charge you 10% service fees added to the data you borrowed.
  • MTN even allows you to borrow data even if you are yet to pay back your borrowed MTN XtraTime credit.
  • You are not allowed to borrow data multiple times.
  • The equivalent of the data you borrowed will be deducted via airtime on your next recharge.
  • At the expiration date of the borrowed data with a regular data subscription.
  • MTN Xtrabyte doesn’t support data transfer to another MTN line.

Check MTN Data Borrow Eligibility

  • Your SIM must be registered
  • The account balance on your line must be more than ₦12
  • MTN will also consider the average you recharge that month.
  • You must have repaid all previous XtraByte your line is owing.

Is it advisable to borrow from MTN?

I won’t advise you to borrow data on one of our posts, we explain and gave the USSD of all MTN data plans. If you take a look at it, you will see that MTN data bundles are very affordable.

I suggest you borrow only when it is urgent, and no other alternative is available. Just know that you spend much more when you end up borrowing data.

Is the MTN Data Borrow charges OK?

The charges MTN collects from Xtrabyte is a Capital NO from me.
The percentage MTN charge from borrowed data is too much when calculated base on turnover.

Why should they charge up to 10% for something you may end up paying back the next day?

If they have their customers as their priority, then they should only collect a percentage when the payback period exceeds a certain number of hours or a couple of days.


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