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9mobile Airtime Transfer Code To Any Network

In this post, you will learn how to transfer or share airtime credit from your 9mobile network in Nigeria.

The introduction of credit transfer has benefited lots of mobile phone users in Nigeria. In our previous articles, we have talked about MTN airtime transfer, Airtel airtime transfer, and Glo airtime transfer.

The information was well understood as lots of those network users are now taking advantage of it.

9mobile users are also interested to know how to transfer airtime on the 9Mobile network. That we will explain broadly with all the requirements and step-by-step instructions.

Everyone already knows 9mobile to be a reliable telecommunication company in Nigeria. This is why most of its users are always grateful and will keep patronizing them.

The telecom network has excellent network coverage across the country.

Harmonized Airtime Transfer Code

This is the uniform airtime transfer code implemented by the NCC. The code can be used to transfer airtime on 9mobile and all other mobile networks in Nigeria.

Simply dial *321# and select airtime transfer, then follow the onscreen guide.

How to transfer airtime on 9Mobile

The process to transfer airtime on 9Mobile is not at all complicated. All you need is to remember a specific sequence to process the actions, then follow the instructions step by step. By so doing, you will make your 9mobile credit transfer without any problems or issues.

To transfer airtime on 9mobile dial: *223* PIN* Amount* Recipient Phone Number#.

For instance, if you want to transfer 200 Naira airtime to 0809XXXXXXX and your 9mobile transfer pin is 1234. Dial *223*1234*200*0809XXXXXXX# and press “Send.

After sending it, you will receive a message for you to confirm the details of the transaction. According to the on-screen instruction, you will have to press 1 “to confirm” or press 2 “to cancel.”

Once you confirm it, the transfer credit will be transferred immediately. The value will be deducted from your 9mobile account balance; the same sum will be credited the account of the person you are sending the money to.

Before transferring airtime, you will have to make sure that your 9mobile credit balance is higher than the amount you are about to transfer.

It is as easy as that even better when you discover that the 9mobile airtime transfer service is free of charge.

How to change 9mobile airtime transfer PIN

Before you can execute an airtime transfer you must know your PIN – you need to find out the PIN for your SIM card.

The default PIN for 9mobile credit transfer is 0000. To avoid unauthorized user access to your data, you should change the default PIN code to a new one.

The process of doing this is straightforward.

Dial *247*0000* new PIN #.

For instance, you want to have your new PIN be 2580. You will have to dial *247*0000*2580#.

It is that simple, after dialing the USSD code your SIM card will be secured by the new PIN code that you just created.

If at any time you misplace your PIN the only option you have is to get it back or reset it. You will have to call 9mobile customer care by dialing 200 and following the operator’s instructions.

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