How to Share and Transfer Data on Airtel Network


In this article, you will learn how to share or transfer your Airtel data to your family and friends for free.

Airtel is one of the first networks that initiated the data sharing and data transfer package in Nigeria since it has been a relief to lots of their subscribers.

Sharing data on Airtel is very easy; all you need is the required USSD code; in less than a minute, the data will be transferred.

Most of us have that friend who always tells us to switch on our mobile hotspot for them. While our hotspot is turned on, we may not be able to control the data usage, and our data may get exhausted.

Again is that we will have to be in close range for a third party to be able to connect to our hotspot.

And some other time the person we may want to share our internet with may be far away from us. This is where Airtel data sharing, Airtel data transfer, airtel data gifting, and Airtel Me2U are all important

There is now a uniform code that can be used for data sharing and data transfer, this will work on all the mobile networks in Nigeria, you can check it here: Harmonized  USSD Codes for MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile.

Harmonized code to share data or transfer data in Nigeria

The harmonized code will is the uniform code that will work to transfer data, share data, and gift data on all networks in Nigeria.

  • Use *321# to share data
  • Use *312# to gift data.

How to share data or transfer data on Airtel

  • For Airtel 10MB data: Dial *141*712*11*Phone-number #
  • For Airtel 25MB data: Dial *141*712*9*Phone-number #
  • For Airtel 60MB data: Dial *141*712*4*Phone-number #.

The Phone Number is the number of the person you wish to transfer the internet data to.

For instance: If you want to transfer 25MB to 080xxxxxxxx you will have to dial *141*712*9*0708xxxxxxxx# and send it.

If these codes will be hard for you to remember then try to remember *141#. Another way to share data or transfer it to family or friends on Airtel is to dial *141# and select the option for data share and gifting.

Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the data transfer.

Alternatively, you can dial *141*1# and follow the voice instruction to transfer data to another Airtel user.

Airtel Me2U Data Sharing

It allows data sharing from an already purchased bundle. Here you give a chunk of your bundle to other customers.

Instead of buying a data plan for a friend, then just transfer or share a portion of yours with them.

Follow the steps below for Airtel Me2U data Sharing.

  • Dial *141# from your Airtel sim
  • Select 12 for Gifting & Sharing
  • then select 4 (data Me2U)
  • Select 2 to send from the existing data allowance.
  • Enter the recipient’s number
  • Enter your pin and Send

Airtel Gifting Data Sharing

The Airtel gifting allows buying a data bundle plan for a customer – from your account. You mustn’t have an active data plan to use the Airtel gifting.

Just like the way you buy data bundle for yourself – you can also buy for someone else.

How to gift data on Airtel

Follow the steps below for Airtel data gifting.

  • Dial *141# from your Airtel sim
  • Select 12 for Gifting & Sharing
  • then select 2 (data gifting)
  • Select the data type and plan you want to gift (daily, weekly monthly, etc)
  • Enter the receiver’s number
  • Enter your pin and Send

How to reset my Airtel data transfer pin

To execute data gifting, a transfer pin is necessary, the are cases when you may want to reset the data transfer pin or choose to change the pin. The step here will explain how to execute that.

  • Dial *141#
  • Select 12 for data gifting & sharing
  • Select 1 to change the pin, and follow the onscreen instructions, the default pin in 1234.



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