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Cheapest 9mobile Tariff Plans For Calls & Free Data – 2023

In this article, you will see a well-explained list of all 9mobile tariff plans, benefits, and migration codes.

Are you a 9mobile subscriber and seeking to gain more from your network – by paying less on calls you are making or your data too.

While 9mobile charges you more, they charge some people less than what they charge you. The reason for this is information; you may not be aware of the best tariff plan for you.

This is why we decided to put up this post. To give a full and well-detailed rundown of all 9mobile tariff plans to enable you to make the best choice.

9mobile Tariff Plans For Cheap Calls

1. Moretalk

The 9mobile’s moretalk tariff plan helps keep you connected with families and friends across Nigeria. The plan unique family and friends feature You & Me enables you to stay in connected with your loved ones.

On this package if you run out of airtime, you can still make phone calls with the 9mobile receiver pays service. There are no charges or subscription fees on this tariff plan.

Benefits of moretalk tariff plan

  • You & Me feature: You & me will give you ₦300 free for a week to call up to five 9mobile numbers after recharging ₦200, or you will get ₦100 for recharging ₦100 for a week.
  • Free weekly data: To get your free weekly browsing, recharge a minimum of ₦100.
  • Receiver pays: This allows users to make calls when they do not have airtime. The receiver will pay for the calls.

Moretalk subscription details

1. To migrate to moretalk dial 200 then press 1 on your new 9mobile SIM card or you dial *244*2# on an existing line.

2. For you & me:

  • Register your you & me number by dialing *233*1*9mobile number#.
  • To remove your you & me number, dial *233*2*9mobile number#.
  • To find out registered you & me numbers on your list, dial *233#.
  • Recharge ₦200, and you will get ₦300 free credit to call you & me numbers.

3. For receiver pays dial 268 before the number you wish to call.

4. Recharge ₦100 to get free weekly browsing.

moretalk pricing

  • Moretalk tariff plan rate will drop from 40k/sec to 25k/sec to all networks once you use up to ₦25 a day.
  • You & Me gives you ₦300 a week to call 5 registered numbers once you recharge ₦200. You will also get ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 a week.
  • Free 10MB every week for browsing with a minimum recharge of ₦100.

2. Morecliq

Morecliq plan offers you 15MB of data for free, free night calls, free downloads, and bonus credit for receiving calls.

Benefits of morecliq 

  • Recharge 200 Naira weekly and enjoy 15MB free data which will be valid for 7 days.
  • Subscribe to cliq-4-d-day service by dialing *330*1# at just 5 Naira and enjoy an extra 1MB daily.
  • Free midnight calls. Just recharge a minimum of 100 Naira and enjoy free night calls to all 9mobile lines from 12.30 am- 4.30 am.
  • Bonus on incoming calls for every 5-minute call received from other networks; you will get 1 minute worth of free calls to use in the cliq community.
  • Get a 150% bonus on every recharge, this offer is available to all new morecliq subscribers, and it will be used to call all networks in Nigeria.
  • For every billed SMS you made, you will be granted a free SMS to 9mobile line.
  • The receiver pays function is also applicable here, dial 268 before the 9mobile number of the person you want to call.
  • Use up to 25 Naira daily and enjoy reduced call rates. 20 kobo per second to the cliq community, 20 kobo per second to other 9mobile numbers, and 30 kobo per second to other networks.

Morecliq subscription details

  • To subscribe to one click-one tune, dial *273* and your friend’s number#.
  • Subscribe to morecliq on a new SIM, dial 200, and press 2 or dial *244*1#.
  • To subscribe to cliq-4-d-day, dial *330*1#, to opt-out simply dial *330*2#.

Morecliq pricing and tariff

Local Calls
9mobile network peak 40k/sec
9mobile network off-peak 40k/sec
Other networks 40k/sec
Midnight calls within 9mobile network 12:30am- 4:30am free
cliq-4-d-day call to all 9mobile subscribers 20k/sec
up to ₦25 usage
Cliq and cliqlite customers 20k/sec
Other 9mobile lines 25k/sec
Other networks 30k/sec
SMS within morecliq (national) ₦4 per message
SMS to users on the 9mobile network (national) ₦4 per message
SMS to users on all other networks (national) ₦4 per message
SMS to users on international operators (international) ₦15 per message

9mobile Tariff Plans


For 5 Naira, enjoy call rates as low as 20 kobo per second to any 9mobile number. Also, enjoy free 1MB daily as well and 20 kobo per second to call 5 international countries – US, Canada, UK landlines, India, and China.

  • Dial *330*1# to opt-in.
  • Dial *330*2# to opt-out.

3. Moreflex

The moreflex tariff bundle plan is designed to give customers more value for making phone calls, browsing on a pay-as-you-go, and sending SMS to every network.

Benefits moreflex 

  • You get an extra 20% when you buy a higher Moreflex bundle within the same validity period. Applicable to only Moreflex 100, 200, 300, 500 & 1000.
  • Receive over 300% when you buy flex 4000, 10,000, and 20,000.
  • Get 300% when you buy flex 300, 500, and 1000 bundles.
  • Recharges up to ₦5,000 and above in a month and enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks within 14 countries. UK (Vodafone), US (T-mobile), UAE (9mobile), South Africa (Vodacom), Netherlands (KPN), and Saudi Arabia (Mobily). Service is valid for only 30 days.

Moreflex bundle plans

Flex bundle Bundle Cost Activation Code Moreflex Value
moreflex 300 (7 days) ₦300 *344*300# ₦900 talk time + 50MB
moreflex 500 (7 days) ₦500 *344*500# ₦1,500 talk time + 75MB
moreflex 1000 (14 days) ₦1,000 *344*1000# ₦3,000 talk time + 150MB
moreflex 2000 (30 days) ₦2,000 *344*2000# ₦5,000
moreflex 4000 (30 days) ₦4,000 *344*4000# ₦12,500
moreflex 5000 (30 days) ₦5,000 *344*5000# ₦12,500
moreflex 10000 (30 days) ₦10,000 *344*10000# ₦32,500
moreflex 20000 (30 days) ₦20,000 *344*20000# ₦62,500

Moreflex subscription details

Description USSD Code SMS
To opt-in *344*X #, where X for e.g. = 4000, 10000, 20000 “X” to “344”
To opt-out of a bundle *344*0# “OFF” to “344”
To check your balance *232#

Moreflex pricing and tariff

Voice Calls National
on net 40k/sec
off-net 40k/sec
SMS (national) ₦4
MMS ₦100
Pay as you go data 3k per kilobyte

Additional info on Moreflex 

  • Moreflex bundles renew automatically once expired or exhausted.
  • To opt-out of auto-renewal on Moreflex dial *344*0#.
  • You also enjoy receiver pay, blackberry services, and data plans.
  • Moreflex bundles will be valid till 11.59 pm on the expiry day.

4. Morelife Complete

The morelife complete plan bills call at 15 k/sec to all networks in Nigeria and the United States, China, United Kingdom, India and more, etc.

Benefits of morelife complete

  • Enjoy every call to all local networks at a flat rate of 15 kobo per second with a daily fee of N5.
  • Enjoy calls at 15k/sec to 7 international countries (USA, Canada, UK, China, India, Germany, and Malaysia.
  • A daily fee of 5 Naira deducted for 20 days within a calendar month will grant 15 minutes of data for free, and 15 minutes on-net calls every month for free.
  • For total recharge up to 5,000 and above in a month, you will enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 13 different countries: Uk (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat), Kenya (Safaricom) South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile), Egypt (Vodafone) and Turkey (Turkcell).
  • Service will be valid for 30 days.

Morelife complete subscription details

Description USSD Code
To migrate *620*1#
To check balance *232#
To confirm package *244*3#

Morelife complete pricing and tariff

On-net 15kobo/sec
Off-net 15kobo/sec
Daily access fee ₦5
The selected international destinations are – US, Uk, India, China, Canada, Germany & Malaysia 15kobo/sec
SMS – national ₦4
SMS – international ₦15
MMS ₦100
PAYG data 5kobo per kilobyte

5. Moreflex evolution

moreflex evolution is a prepaid plan with bundles designed to suit all your voice and data needs

Benefits of moreflex evolution

  • You get over 300% once you buy moreflex evolution 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 voice+ bundles.
  • Receive 7GB on flex evolution 10000 data+.
  • For recharges of up to 5,000 and above in a month, you will get to enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 14 international countries. Uk (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), UAE (Etisalat), South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile) Egypt (Vodafone) and Turkey (Turkcell).
  • Service is valid for only 30 days

Moreflex evolution bundle plans

Bundle Type Bundle Cost Voice+ Value Data+ Value
moreflex evolution 500 (7 days) ₦500 ₦1,500 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 75MB
₦500 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 300MB
moreflex evolution 1000 (14 days) ₦1000 ₦3,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 150MB
₦1000 talk time + 750MB
moreflex evolution 2000 (30 days) ₦2,000 ₦7,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 500MB
₦3,000 talk time + 2GB
moreflex evolution 5000 (30 days) ₦5,000 ₦15,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 1GB
₦5,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 3GB
moreflex evolution 10000 (30 days) ₦10,000 ₦30,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 2GB
₦10,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG)
+ 7GB

moreflex evolution subscription details

Description USSD Code
To opt-in *320#
To opt-out of a bundle *300*0#
To check balance *232#

Pricing and tariff of moreflex evolution 

On-net 40kobo/sec
Off-net 40kobo/sec
SMS (national) ₦4
MMS ₦100
pay as you go data 3kobo per kilobyte

6. Talk Zone

The major advantage of the talk zone is massive off-peak discounts. The unique discount offers you fantastic low rates, depending on where you are and when you make your calls.

Benefits of talk zone

  • You will get up to 80% off calls when calling other 9mobile numbers, with prices as low as 12 kobo per second.

Talk zone subscription details

  • To activate the talkzone plan, simply dial *244*8# from any registered 9mobile line. In other to check the appropriate tariff plan in the area you are calling, just dial *551#.

Talk zone pricing and tariff

  • With talk zone, you call 9mobile numbers for as low as 12 kobo per second at the off-peak time, which is from 12:30 am to 4:30 am.

7. Cliqlite

The 9mobile cliqlite package is a special prepaid one that supports learning and development with fun for young people. It provides fantastic and innovative features such as; free access to 7 educational websites, free credit on customers’ birthdays, bonus on incoming calls, 100% bonus on data, among others.

Benefits of cliqlite 

  • Recharge 100 Naira weekly and get free 10MB  to browse any site and free access to browse five educational websites and 2 social network sites.
  • Free reward on your birthdays. You will have to register for your birthday.
  • Purchase a data plan from 200MB up to 10GB and get an extra 100% as a bonus to browse five educational sites and 2 social network sites.
  • Preloaded educational applications and approved textbooks on cliqlite tab.
  • Unlimited SMS and bonus on incoming calls.
  • Get 5 minutes call from other networks aside from 9mobile  and enjoy 1 free minute to call any 9mobile easycliq or cliqlite numbers.
  • Every SMS you pay for, you will be granted another free SMS to text any 9mobile line.
  • The package also gives you access to the receiver pays feature. (dial 268 before the 9mobile number of the person you want to call).

cliqlite subscription details

  • For new customers, dial 200 and select option 5. While for existing customers, just dial *244*10#.

Pricing and tariff of cliqlite 

National Calls
Calling 9mobile network 40k/sec peak
40k/sec off-peak
Calling other networks 40k/sec
Upon usage of 25 Naira daily
cliq and cliqlite customers 20k/sec
Other 9mobile lines 25k/sec
Other networks 30k/sec
SMS to cliq/cliqlite customers (national) ₦4/message
SMS to users on the 9mobile network (national) ₦4/message
SMS to users on all other networks (national) ₦4/message
SMS to users on international operators (international) ₦15/message
SMS to facebook application wall/blog/status (facebook updates) ₦20/message

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