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How to Subscribe GOtv with Quickteller on Mobile Phones

This article explains how to Subscribe or Recharge GOtv with a Phone Using Quickteller.

For most GOtv users in Nigeria, making payments for their subscriptions is no longer a problem.

GOtv has provided so many alternatives that its users can easily pay for their subscription at any point in time without passing through stress.

Among these alternatives, Quickteller is one of them.

We shall provide you with the step-by-step process of subscribing to your GOtv online with Quickteller.

QuickTeller allows subscribers to pay into their subscription account for easy renewal of the services from the QuickTeller web link.

The platform works with the Integrated billing system (IBS), and it offers the subscribers immediate value that will prompt an automatic reconnection of disconnected service in less than 5 minutes.

You can do this with either your mobile or your PC.

To achieve this, an internet connection will be needed. The steps are explained below.

How to Recharge GOtv with Quickteller

  1. Turn your decoder on if your account has been disconnected already.
  2. Go to www.quickteller.com/gotv on your mobile phone or PC and select the GOtv bouquet of your choice. 1
  3. Enter your email, followed by your mobile number and your IUC number.
  4. Click on the Next button.
  5. You will have to enter your GOtv subscriber’s name and make sure your IUC number was correctly filled.
  6. Click on PAY and select the debit card type you want to use for the payment. i.e., Verve or MasterCard.
  7. Enter your debit card details as requested.
  8. Click PAY Once.

If the GOTV quickteller subscription step is too technical for you, it is highly advisable you download the MyGOtv app from Google Play Store on your smartphone.

The app will not only help you to manage your GOtv, but it also makes subscription very easy with debit cards.

Congratulations, the transaction has been completed, your GOtv account has been credited, and your subscription will be restored.

More about Quickteller

Quickteller is of the most popular financial technology platform in Nigeria, they offer a wide range of digital payment services in the country.

Quickteller allows its users to perform different levels of financial transactions, which include payment of bills (such as GoTV subscription), transfer of funds, airtime recharge, and many more.

With Quickteller, individuals can conveniently make payments and access financial services using their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

It provides a user-friendly interface and supports different payment methods, including bank transfers, debit cards, and electronic wallets.

Quickteller has gained popularity in Nigeria due to its convenience, security, and the wide range of services it offers.

It has become a trusted platform for digital payments and financial transactions, making it easier for individuals to manage their financial activities from the comfort of their homes or on the go.


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  1. Quickteller, please i paid into your account this morning the sum of #1900 for Jinja package of GOTV and since then you did not do the subscription for me. Please please do it now. The IUC is 7552995225. i am expecting reply please.

  2. Iuse quickteller to subscribe to DStv and is not working and my money is gone
    Is it that you don’t use quicktell to subscribe DStv?


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