5 Top Hints For Beginner Blogger


If you search online, you will find so many results on the hints for a beginner blogger, but the truth is, I have been blogging for a while now and grown from there, there is still some vital information on the hints for beginner bloggers that needed to be touched.

I do teach bloggers because blogging is a great hobby, and at the same time, a great way to start our identity globally.

Starting a blog is much easier compared to starting up a web page and is simple to maintain than a website.

Top Hints For Beginner Bloggers

There is different quality free blog host available on the web that makes starting a blog less expensive. Here are my top 5 hints for a beginner blogger to help you start your blog.

Always start with a free blog

I recommend a WordPress or Blogspot platform for fresh bloggers. They both have quality features that are easy to set up and use.

Blogspot is a lot easier to get help, but WordPress is better in features because they keep adding more advanced features, and there is an opportunity to upgrade for little or no cost.

With a WordPress account, it is possible to have more than just a blog, Blogspot also offers this feature too. For the sake of this article, we focus more on WordPress.

The reason for this is that most of the online blogs and information that I have come across use the WordPress platform and focus on WordPress on their articles.

One benefit of learning WordPress is this; As you grow up in the world of blogging, you will still find a need to switch to a WordPress platform because it has nearly all the essential features for advanced blogging.

Think of a unique name to use for your blog

If you want to start your blog on the WordPress platform, You will have to register an account, and for each blog, you plan to have you are expected to have an original name chosen by you or a branding specialist.

Let’s say you are writing a post about being a teacher you might want to get a name that is similar to the teacher “style” keyword for the title.

You can easily change your blog title anytime you wish. So if you currently write a blog title, like “my life in room 5” and you were moved the following year to room 2.

You can change it “my life in room 2” It is effortless to edit your title, but changing the URL of the post will be a little bit difficult because the previous URL will be redirecting to a 404 error.

Choosing a domain name

A URL is the Universal Resource Locator. It’s an internet World Wide Address.

Before you think of putting anything together in your blog, get a domain name for your free WordPress blog it usually comes in the form “name.wordpress.com” where your choice of a domain will replace the space of name in the URL.

A domain name can either be one word or a combination of words without space between them.

There is this famous saying that the right domain names are registered already, but the truth is they are not.

You need good imagination and patience to find a domain name that best fits your brand. Maybe choose your name if you feel it’s something that represents your blog.

You also have to remember that once you select a domain name, all your URL titles will be permanent unless you delete it yourself. You can quickly delete free blogs any time you wish.

Commit yourself to updating your blog often

Many people start blogging because they feel they have something to say! Some don’t even know the hints for beginner bloggers.

Some people start them for several reasons best known to them.  I still have this impression that most people start a blog because they have something to say, and they want to be heard even if it is just commenting on articles or sharing their poetry.

Others venture into blogging because they enjoy ranting. Have you visited some blogs online before?

Only search for names of things you are interested in like: Andy’s Deep blogs and you will see what will show up.

I got lots of search results for that search on google. So it’s easy to find people with the same interest as you.

When you visit, you will read up what they have to say, then proceed to the comment session to drop your comment on their blog; you can as well write a post on it in your blog.

You can also ask people with the same interest to check out similar blog posts and comment on your blog too.

Don’t delete your blog

don't delete blog

In case you already started your blog design, and somewhere along the line, you hated it. Well think twice and move on if to keep the blog or delete it completely.

The brain behind this is because you are just starting up the journey of your online presence.

This might not mean anything to you because you are still new, but for sure, it will be more relevant in months or years to come.

If you blog on real estate in the world wide web land, here real estate is valuable as your blog grows. Blogging is also a fun hobby, but you never can tell what the future holds for, or where this hobby can lead you to.

Especially when you are building your blog in line with my top 5 hints for beginner bloggers. Bloggers all over the world are usually a friendly group.

They love to comment on each other’s blogs and respond to each other. One thing bloggers hate the most is SPAM! That is where people post to sell something or lead people to read from their websites that they might not want to visit initially.

Don’t be afraid of SPAM because WordPress has a powerful filter that will put you in charge of comment approval, what people are saying in your comment session will be held for approval.

You will notice that blogging is a lot of fun! If you are useful in sending emails, then you can blog.

It’s so easy to start up your blog using a WordPress or Blogspot platform. If you are thinking of having a blog and don’t know how to get started, it is a great and easy hobby, and this can lead you to your millions of years to come.

It’s good you share your fresh ideas and interests with the world. There are lots of readers that are searching for answers to their questions daily.

All they need is quality and timing information. Perhaps they will be able to locate your blog. I wish you have a successful blog that your visitors will enjoy reading.

You can as well drop your contribution or ideas on the top 5 hints for beginner bloggers below using the comment box.



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