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Standard Chartered Bank USSD to Check Account Number & Balance

Since after the 2004 bank consolidation, the Nigerian banking sector had a turnaround for good.

Nigerians are now aware of why they should always keep their money in the bank. Know fully well that it is almost impossible for a bank to fail in the country.

Just immediately after the bank consolidation era, most banks became stronger and started investing hugely in technology.

To ease banking, in 2006, the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) was introduced to Nigeria. Ever since then, we have found a massive reduction of people in the banking hall.

Just with an ATM Card, a bank customer can withdraw money from any part of the country and even make online payments.

The next technology we witnessed was internet banking and the use of banking apps.

The banking app is amazing but has shortcomings. Not every bank customers have a smartphone to install the banking app.

And some of those who have a smartphone don’t have access to a good internet connection in their environment. And this is what gave birth to USSD banking

USSD banking is still new and blazing. It is fast, secure, and doesn’t require an internet connection to execute.

Almost all banks in Nigeria have a unique USSD code. The code can be dialed from any mobile network in Nigeria.

With most banks USSD, customers can check their account balance, purchase airtime on their mobile phone, and transfer money to family and friends.

For security reasons, the USSD code must be dialed from those mobile number that is linked to your bank account.

Standard Chartered Bank USSD Code to Check Account Balance

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria’s USSD code for mobile banking is *977#.

By dialing this code on your registered mobile number, you can access a range of banking services and perform transactions directly from your mobile device.

Dial *977*00# Your account balance will appear as a popup on your phone

Standard Chartered Bank USSD Code to Check Account Number

Dial *977# then follow the on-screen guide to check your account number.

Advantages of USSD code

  • It is straightforward to remember,
  • It works outside banking hours,
  • It doesn’t require an internet connection,
  • It is more convenient than other means,
  • It is very fast and saves time too.

Disadvantages of USSD code

  • Anyone who has access to your mobile phone may be able to view your bank balance.
  • Insecurity tendency (only for those careless with their phone)

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