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How To Reset GOtv Decoder To Clear Error Codes – 2023

The information on this page explains how to reset the GOTV decoder after payment or after subscribing in other to clear all error codes that may be showing.

After going through the GOtv website, you won’t find a place that explains how to reset their decodes after payment, the reason best known to them.

Resetting the GOtv decoder seems like a big task. After recharging or subscribing to a GOtv bouquet, lots of users stay confused about what to do. Most times, they end up seeing errors.

Some people even go as far as putting calls to GOtv agents to assist them with the whole error issue. Some choose to place calls to GOtv customer care service, all to resolve the same problem.

Usually, you are not supposed to reset your GOtv decoder manually after payment. It should be something after recharging you turn it up, and it starts working automatically.

GOTV users mostly encounter error E16 and error E30; these errors will require them to reset their decoder.

E16 error mainly appears when the GOtv decoder has been disconnected. Here, you will need a reset.

The E30 error means that your GOtv decoder has been turned off for a very long period, or your decoder is yet to receive a signal for a long while.

The reason for this article is to assist GOtv users on how they can reset their decoder and get GOtv live on air.

How To Reset Your GOtv Decoder

There are three ways to reset your GOTV decoder. You can reset it by using mobile SMS, USSD code, or you can choose to do it online.

How To Reset GOtv Via SMS

Send an SMS that looks like this; Reset * your IUC number *  and send to 4688.

The IUC number refers to your Identification User Code. It is the serial number of your decoder. It can be on a red sticker under the decoder.

You can also find the IUC number when you turn on your decoder and go to users’ information.

How To Reset GOtv With USSD Code

The USSD option is straightforward. All you need to do is to dial *288*1# on any mobile phone network and follow the onscreen instructions.

After doing this, the issue will be resolved, and your decoder will reset by itself, it’s as easy as that.

How To Reset GOtv Online

Apart from making use of your cell phone SMS or dialing the USSD code on your phone, you can also choose to reset your GOtv decoder online.

It is straightforward to do; just follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate your web browser to eazy.gotvafrica.com and select your country from the list of countries. Selecting the country won’t be necessary if the site was able to detect your location.
  2. Click on Sign In and enter your login details. What you will enter will either be your Mobile Number or your Surname name. Also, enter your IUC number on the form provided.
  3. Sign in and choose “Clear your error” from the options that are displayed and then select the error that is showing on your decoder.
  4. While performing this task, make sure that your decoder is turned on.
  5. Click on “Reset Device Now” your decoder will reset immediately.

Reset GOtv with GOtv Eazy Self Service

    1. Navigate your web browser to eazy.gotvafrica.com and click on “clear error codes.” Alternatively, click this link eazy.gotvafrica.com/en/ng/clear-error-code.
    2. On the clear error code page, enter your IUC number, select the Error Type you want to clear, and complete the captcha.Reset GOtv
    3. At this stage, make sure your GOtv decoder is switched on.
  1. Finally, click on FIX ERROR.
  2. After this, your decoder will reset, and the error will wipe away.

One of the options above should work for you. But in case the problem persists, then you may have to contact GOtv customer care or support team for further assistance.

GoTV Customer Care number

  • 08039044688

GoTV Nigeria Website

GoTV Email Address

GoTV Office Address

  • Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria Island Lagos State.

GOtv USSD Code

  • *288*1#

GoTV Twitter Account Link

GoTV Facebook Account Link

Tips to Prevent Future Error Codes

To minimize the chances of encountering error codes in the future, here are some useful tips:

  • Keep Your Subscription Updated: Regularly renew your subscription to avoid service interruption.
  • Protect Your Decoder: Shield your decoder from power surges by using a surge protector.
  • Weatherproof Your Dish: Install your satellite dish securely and protect it from adverse weather conditions.


Experiencing error codes on your GOtv decoder can be frustrating, but with the right knowledge, you can easily resolve these issues and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

By following the steps outlined in this guide and implementing preventive measures, you can ensure a seamless viewing experience.


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  1. Since Three days now I can watch Gotv, I still recharged another one yesternight still the same thing. Am fed up in this type of economy we are in this Country, money can’t be spend anyhow.
    Please, I want my Gotv to be fixed.

  2. it was quite a while that I load my gotv , now I load it yesterday yet it doesn’t work. I have tried to reset all my efforts was zero

  3. Goodday please I just subscribed my Gotv and it’s yet to be activated still showing blocked . Please kindly reset my Gotv decorder

  4. Please help me to do my gotv i subscribe to my gotv and is not enough then i pay bills and the other channel is not showing iuc number is ——–

  5. Please reset my gotv i have subscribed and yet is yet to start showing
    This is 3days now
    Even my last subscription before this
    Didnt get up to a month and it expired
    Pls fix this erro
    My IUC number is 7552982527

  6. Good morning please reset my decoder I payments day before yesterday is not working please help me do it now

  7. My gotv is having technical errors and is unable to scan channels since yesterday. IUC 7023707820, I dial *288*1# and the service is unavailable. I need help

  8. Good evening my gotv subscription will finished tomorrow and I made a payment this evening,, and up still now some channels are not coming up ..please help me and fix the errors

    • Good evening sir, please l loaded my gotv since yesterday and is not working. My name is Dennis ukam. Iuc 2022233138.thanks

  9. Good evening please my gotv didn’t use change from auto scanning since two weeks ago and i bought new decoder today still problem with the other one i press reset on my gotv remote and since then nothing displaying on the screen iuc number 8063871413

  10. My gotv has not showed up after subscription. I made transfer of 4150. Sam**** Abr***** um***. Uba. Decoder name Erhik***** God******. 08052******


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