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TStv List of Channels, Decoder & Subscription Price in 2023

On This Post You Will Get All The Information Needed To Be Known About TStv Nigeria

TStv Nigeria is no doubt a blessing from heaven for most Nigerians.

TStv is a direct-to-home (DTH) pay-TV supplier that was formally propelled in Nigeria on the first of October, 2017 (Independence Day).

TStv Nigeria, short for Telcom Satellite Television, entered the Nigerian market with the aim of providing viewers with a fresh alternative to traditional cable and satellite TV providers.

TStv made an ambitious promise to deliver a diverse range of channels to cater to the varying tastes of Nigerian viewers.

The name demonstrates that the organization utilizes a half and half innovation which joins both satellite and telecom (web) administrations to offer TV communication to its shoppers. Learn more on hybrid broadcasting.

Why Choose TStv Nigeria?

TStv Nigeria stands out in the crowded TV broadcasting market for several reasons:

  • Affordability: TStv offers competitive prices without compromising on quality.
  • Diverse Channel Lineup: With an extensive range of channels, there’s something for everyone in the family.
  • Flexibility: Choose from a variety of subscription plans to suit your needs and budget.
  • Local Content: TStv supports Nigerian content creators by showcasing local movies and series.
  • Quality: Enjoy high-definition content for an immersive viewing experience.

TStv vs. Competitors

How does TStv Nigeria stack up against the competition?

TStv’s combination of affordability, channel variety, and quality make it a compelling choice when compared to other providers in the market.

Features of TStv

  • Pay-as-you-watch,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Video conferencing.

Nigerians have been whining sharply about abuse by DStv Nigeria.

DStv has ruled Nigerian TV since 1994. They offer premium administrations charged at a month to a monthly rate.

It has been a dream to most supporters as they’ll pay for what they use, instead of being constrained to subscribe month to month.

However, it appears things will bring another turn with the coming of TStv, another direct-to-home TV in Nigeria. It is set to offer a compensation-as-you-devour plan to clients at a significantly more reasonable cost.

The new organization intends to offer different one of kind services that will make life simple for Nigerians. I genuinely trust they convey their guarantees and keep up high esteem.

TStv Decoder (Set-Top Box) Price in Nigeria

TStv decoder price

The decoder (otherwise called Set-Top Box (STB)) and the dish will be accessible for just ₦12,000 and accompanies various features.

The best part is that you get a 20GB data package for free. It can be used for making video calls and surfing the web by connecting your smartphone or PC via Wi-Fi.

You’ll likewise have the capacity to record TV programs to its 50GB inbuilt hard drive. If the 50GB space isn’t sufficient; you can associate your external hard drive for more recordings.

The decoder enables you to connect to the web, stream videos, and access subscribed substances.

Full Features of TStv Decoder (Set-Top Box)

The Set-Top Box has different unique and magnificent features.

  1. HD Webcam
  2. Pause subscription function
  3. Video calls with different supporters through IP
  4. Record and playback
  5. Full 50GB internal capacity
  6. External hard drive compatibility (supports up to 1TB of memory)
  7. Real internet access
  8. Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  9. USB 3.0
  10. 1GB of Ethernet
  11. Bluetooth 4.0
  12. RF for hybrid remote controls

TStv Subscription Price

Subscription costs are

  • ₦300 – TStv Daily Plan, With free 500MB
  • ₦750 – TStv 3 Days Plan, With free 1GB
  • ₦1000 – TStv Weekly Plan, With free 2GB
  • ₦1500 – TStv 10 Days Plan, With free 3GB
  • ₦2000 – TStv 2 Weeks Plan, With free 5GB
  • ₦4000 – TStv Monthly Plan, With free 10GB

TStv also gives 20GB monthly data for only ₦4000 to make the most of its 4.5G network.

As indicated by TStv, this monthly data is accessible for an extension on request. It implies that it isn’t mandatory but optional.

Where to Buy TStv Decoder in Nigeria

To check the availability in your location, please click this link.

They are ready to cover every one of the 36 states of Nigeria in a short period starting from the major cities around the federation.

TStv is looking for merchants to help circulate their products across the nation. If interested in becoming a merchant or retailer, click here to apply.

List of TStv Channels

TStv Channels

The new DTH TV intends to air 200 channels. However, will start with 100 channels. It will later be expanded to 150 and 200.

These channels incorporate 12 sports channels for all live football classes. UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Spanish Laliga, English Premier League, Italian Serie A or German Bundesliga League.

A portion of the games channels incorporates BeIN Sports 1-10, Fox Sports HD, and Ts Sports.

The channels are a mix of nearby, provincial, and worldwide channels; they consolidate news, kids, Entertainment, Health, Sports, and Education.

Bother not, since programs come in various dialects including Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Ghanaian, Liberian, and Sierra Leonean dialects.

You might think about whether TStv would have the capacity to air some live football matches like the ones I specified above since DStv has select rights over them.

Indeed, as indicated by their answer to a post on Facebook, they have all the lawful rights and frameworks to air all games energizing minutes live.

No Channels
Free Channels
 1 Dish TV-100
Language/Culture/Pan Africa
 2  M Africa Movies-125M Africa Yoruba-126
3  M Africa Hausa-127
4  RiwenduTV-128
5  NollywoodTV-130
 6  Grande Comedy-150Nigeria Central Television-151
7  Fox Entertainment Group-152
8  BEN-155
9  Ait-156
10  NTAi-257
Movie Channels
11  Grande Movies-175Movie Box-176
12  MBC 2-177
13  MBC Action-178
14  MBC Max-179
15  TeleNovela Channel-181
16  Nina TV-182
17  Televista-183
 18  Btv-184
Kids Channels
 19  A1 Kids TV-200Panda Biggs-201
20  Nickelodeon-202
21  JimJam-203
 Health and Lifestyle
22  AHTV-215Fine Living-216
23  Fashion One-217
24 National Geographic-222Nat Geo Wild-223
25 Discovery Science-225
26 IDX-226
Music Channels
27 Hits tv-240Trace Africa-241
28 MTV Base-242
News Channels
29 CNN-250Aljazeera-251
30 BBC News-252
31 Channels-253
32 TVC News-254
33 Bloomberg-255
34 CGTN-256
Sports Channels
35 BeIN Sports 1-276BeIN Sports 2-277
36 BeIN Sports 3-278
37 3BeIN Sports 4-279
38 BeIN Sports 5-280
39 BeIN Sports 6-281
40 BeIN Sports 7-282
41 BeIN Sports 8-283
42 BeIN Sports 9-284
43 BeIN Sports 10-285
44 Euro Sport-286
45 Fox Sports 1-287
46 Fox Sports 2-288
47 Kombat Sport-289
Religious Channels
48 Grande Gospel-300Emmanuel tv-301
49 TBN Networks-302
50 Qraa-303
51 Sunna TV-304
52 EWTN-305

And many more channels


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  1. Today is Friday 15th October 2021. Only two days ago Tstv advertised in their channel 100 that subscription rate is NGN 0.02 two kobo per channel. I am told to pay NGN 5.00 Five Naira a day per channel. That is NGN24,000 a month for 16 channels only.
    Startimes charges NGN1700 a month for 30 channels.
    Tstv charges are definitely too high. Review and reduce the charges. Gotv and his father should not influence and dictate to Nigerians.


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