10 Best Online Platforms for Mobile Apps Development


This Post Contains The List of 10 Best Online Platforms For Mobile Apps Development

A couple of years ago, developing a mobile application is not only time consuming but expensive too.

But in the present days, there are lots of free and paid services available online, which can be easily used to develop mobile applications online.

They require zero programming knowledge to develop mobile apps.

Most of the mobile apps development platforms have limited the jobs of core mobile apps developers. Most especially, as it has welcomed non-professional into the business.

As of today, even programming novices can develop even better mobile apps than the so-called programming gurus.

Let’s take a look at some of the frameworks that can be used for mobile app development.

Best Online Platforms For Mobile Apps Development


Builds: Windows 8, Android, and iOS.
Pricing:  Free and Paid.


AppyPie is excellent for developing mobile apps online. AppyPie is cloud-based – also, no coding skill is needed to create apps with it.

It makes it very easy for you to publish your built apps on Google Play and iTunes stores. Its drag and drop feature is amazing while creating applications.

AppyPie has many categories available, making it very easy to develop your mobile app, simply select a category, Build your app, and publish it.


Builds: Android, iOS, and HTML5.
Pricing: Paid, but Free Trial.


Shoutem provides a kind of platform to develop mobile applications with zero coding experience for iOS, Android, and HTML5. Just pick from the list of categories and start developing your app.

It has a drag and drop interface in developing applications. Shoutem also supports database synchronization, which can be used in your app. You can also analyze user behavior with its analytics feature.


Builds: Android, iOS, and HTML5.
Pricing: Free and Paid.


Just like others, AppMakr also allows you to develop mobile apps online without any coding experience.

It has lots of app building categories like; Blogs, Music, Business, CMS, etc. And has no limitation for creating an app. Create as many apps as you wish, and control them through the dashboard, when you are done, simply publish it.


Builds: Windows, Android, iOS, and HTML5.
Pricing: Free and Paid.


Mobincube also requires no programming knowledge while developing mobile apps with it. It can develop Windows, iOS, Andriod, and HTML5 applications.

The mobincure template even makes it more comfortable to develop any kind of mobile application. Just four steps are required to keep your apps up and running, simply Sign up, Develop apps, Edit apps, and Publish apps to any app market of your choice.


Builds: Android
Pricing: Paid, but Free Trial


Andromo can be used to develop only Android apps, with no coding skills required. It is swift and easy to create mobile apps online.

Andromo is very flexible to use even as a novice. It has some great features to develop just any kind of android app.

Its interface supports building applications in over 21 languages. Andromo is used by a wide range of people all over the world.


Builds: Android, iOS, and HTML5.
Pricing: Paid, but Free Trial.


GoodBarber’s platform is easy to use and has lots of features to develop outstanding mobile apps. Also, develop all the apps you want to in real-time. GoodBarber allows for editing backend features and to preview it as well.


Builds: Android, iOS, and HTML5.
Pricing: Paid, but Free Trial.

This provides a platform that enables easy development of mobile apps online for iOS, Android, and HTML5. Without any coding skills, applications can be built with ease.

With Appsbuilder, you can quickly develop and manage business apps. With its drag and drop tool, it makes it even easier.

You can also do a live preview of your app before launching it. You can create in-app content and forms as well.

With the Appsbuilder cloud system, your content is safe and accessible anyplace and anytime.


Builds: Android
Pricing: Paid


With Ibuildapp, you can only develop Android mobile apps. With its list of categories, simply pick the type that suits the app you wish to build.

It allows you to make lots of edits in app development to suit your needs before publishing.


Builds: Android, iOS.
Pricing: Free and Paid


Makemedroid is easy to use and needs no coding skills in developing apps, be it iOS or Android. It requires no plugin or tools to be installed; it is complete and has all the necessary features needed. In this, you can easily integrate RSS, Atom, and HTML into your app.


Builds: Android
Pricing: Free


AppsGeyser is free to use and develop mobile apps online for only the Android operating system, without any programming involved in it.

It also makes it easy to monetize your app and distribute it for free, although it is free but still better than some paid ones.



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