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4 Best Ways to Hide Apps on Android Phones

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In this article, you will learn how to hide any application on your android phone; this includes WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

To hide apps on an Android device is quite easy. The android device was not built with self hide features. Else it would have been pretty much more comfortable.

Although some android smartphones was built with this feature, the manufacturers of such phones were able to achieve it because the Android OS is an open-source application, so they were able to do further customization.

Over 93% of the android smartphone in the world today do not have the self hide feature to hide apps.

Does your phone fall among that 93 %?

Don’t worry; I have four solutions to it here.

Most mobile phone user worries much about the privacy of the information they store on their phone as well as their chats.

Locking your android device with a password, pattern, or with your fingerprint is not just enough, because you may be forced to open it under duress.

But if you can hide those sensitive apps – then no intruder will know that such apps exist on your phone.

Well, if your phone doesn’t allow you to hide your apps, you have four options that will let you hide your apps without any stress.

How to Hide WhatsApp, Messenger, and Other Apps

1. Use Launchers

Android OS supports further customization, and you can even customize the Graphics User Interface of Android with the use of launcher apps.

Launchers apps also give some extra features such as; lock and hide apps. Download and install a launcher app from the Google Play Store, and you immediately start protecting your apps.

There are lots of launchers applications in the Play Store, which can be used for hiding apps. But Go Launcher, Nova Launcher Prime (Paid), Apex Launcher, and Apus launcher seems to be the best among the rest.

How to Hide Android Apps with Apex Launcher

  1. Download and install Apex Launcher on your Android from Google Play Store.
  2. Once the installation is complete, open the Apex launcher, and it will be set automatically. Else, you will see the pop-up with the option to set Apex as home.
  3. Select to always option to set Apex as the default home.
  4. Next, you will see Apex Settings on your homes screen and app drawer.
  5. Open Apex Settings and tap on the Hidden Apps option.
  6. After which, tap on the Add Hidden Apps button at the bottom of your screen and select the apps you will want to hide from the app drawer.
  7. After selecting the apps, you want to hide, tap on the Hide Apps button to save.

How To Hide Apps with Go Launcher

  1. Open your play store – download and install Go Launcher.
  2. After installation is completed, open the Go launcher from the app drawer.
  3. Next, set your favorite wallpaper and the launcher will be set.
  4. To hide your apps, open the app drawer, tap, and hold on to the app icon – you will see the hide option displayed on top of the screen.
  5. After that, you will have to drag the icon to the top right side of the screen, where the hide option is shown (After doing that, the app will be hidden totally from the app drawer).
  6. But it is straightforward to un-hide the app. Go launcher protects the hide apps feature using pattern lock. If the hidden app icon still shows on the home screen, you will have to delete the app icon manually.
  7. Tap on the Tools icon from your home screen and open “Hide App.” Set a pattern lock. You will see the list of apps you hide from the app drawer.

2. Disable Apps From Settings

This method is one of the oldest ways to hide pre-installed apps on Android Phones.

To do this, disable the app from the settings. After disabling it, you will not see the apps you disabled in the app drawer. You can also enable apps any time you want to from your settings.

  1. Open your Android Settings, and tap on the Apps from the settings. Once it opens will then see the list of all apps that you installed on your android device.
  2. Tap on the app that you wish to hide; you will see the Disable button and tap on it. You will see a pop message. Tap on the OK to continue the process.
  3. After that, another pop-up message will display -asking you to replace the app with the factory version.
  4. Tap on OK again. (Note that In some smartphones, you do not need to replace the app with a factory version to disable it)
  5. You can as well Enable the app again from Settings >> Apps and tap on the disabled app and Enable it back.

Please note that this method works only for pre-installed apps.

3. Use Parallel Space and Its Alternatives

There are lots of container apps you can download and install on the Google Play Store. This app will allow you to clone and run multiple accounts on the same android phone.

It creates a different environment to run apps inside of it. You install apps inside the container apps and uninstall them from your app drawer. This is how you will hide the apps.

Among other container apps, Privacy Hider and Parallel Space seems to be the most popular.

PrivacyHider app only allows you to hide one app for free. You need to pay in other to hide more. With Parallel Space, you can hide multiple apps for free.

How to Hide Apps Using Parallel Space

  1. First of all, you have to uninstall the app you wish to hide from your phone. After that.
  2. Open Google Play Store, Download & Install Parallel Space app.
  3. Open the app you just installed and tap on the Start button, and you will see the apps list.
  4. Select any app you wish to and add it to parallel Space.
  5. Next, tap on Add App and select Incognito Installation.
  6. Google Play Store will open, then search for the app and install it on your device.
  7. When the installation is done, the Parallel Space app will open, and you will see a pop-up message.
  8. Tap on Uninstall button displayed on the pop-up message to uninstall the installed app from the home screen of your device.
  9. Tap on OK to confirm it.

And that is it. Congratulations you can now use the app only in parallel space.

You can as well lock the Parallel Space app for more security.

4. Use Root to Hide Apps on your Android

There are some third-party apps available to hide your apps on Android devices. But the apps work on rooted phones only. If your android device is already rooted, then you can use these apps.

Hide App-Hide Application Icon and Hide it Pro apps are best used to hide apps on rooted android phones.

These apps are straightforward to use, just like the app lockers. Here you will also see the Hide it Pro app label name in your app drawer as Audio Manager, which is helpful to hide apps.

Bear in mind that you will need to root your Android device to use these apps.

How To Hide Android Apps Using “Hide App-Hide Application Icon”

  1. Root your Android device if it is not already rooted.
  2. Open Play Store, download and install the Hide app-Hide application icon app.
  3. Next, open the installed app and tap on the + icon.
  4. You will see the list of all the installed apps.
  5. Select the apps and tap on the Save button on the top.

How to Hide Android Apps Using “Hide It Pro”

  1. Open Google Play Store, download and Install Hide it pro app.
  2. You will see an “Audio Manager” icon in the app drawer. Open the “Audio Manager” and tap and hold on the Audio manager icon to launch the actual hide it pro.
  3. Select and set the Password. The hide it the pro app will be closed, and you will then see the audio manager.
  4. Tap and hold the Audio manager logo to enter the password.
  5. Next, tap on Hide Apps and allows the root access by a tap on a Yes option.
  6. Tap on the + icon and select the apps you wish to hide.

Final Words

However, I do not recommend you root your Android phone. Because you have other alternatives. Launchers apps remain the best option to hide your apps on Android devices.

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