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8 Amazing Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad Users

This article explains the 8 Best Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad users, to enable them to perform unique functionality regarding blogs and blogging business.

There is no doubt that the blogging business sector is fast-growing, and it’s already getting crowded.

Speaking of working from home business, blogging seems to be one the easiest in terms of setup.

You don’t need much finance to start blogging either as a profession, business, or for leisure.

Those into blogging are looking for platforms that will make their blogging experience much more flexible.

Depending on your means of blogging, there are lots of tools available at your fingertips.

While using any of these tools – what comes to our mind first is security.

Security is one of the major reasons why some people prefer Apple products because the iOS operating system is one of the most secure in the world.

Based on the security, most bloggers prefer to go for the iPhone and iPad devices because both devices run on iOS.

We shall then look at the best blogging apps for iPhone and iPad devices.

Best Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad

1. iBlogger

This is a home blogging application that supports other blogging platforms, i.e. Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, and lots more.

This application costs a one-time payment of $10, as it brings about simplicity and flexibility for both new and pro bloggers.

2. Blogger

Blogging Apps for iPhone

Blogger is completely free and easy to use and manage, even easier for iPhone users.

It is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world, and its managed by Google.

The major advantage of the blogger platform is that it allows easy monetization of your blog. So those that blog to make money can actually take advantage.

With its fantastic interface and widgets, all you need is to have a Google account (Gmail ID) before you can sign in.

3. BlogPress

This app offers bloggers almost all required functionalities. With BlogPress one can upload files of various formats also Hyperlinks, Anchor Texts, and many other features.

This platform supports; WordPress and Blogger, although, not free, cost $3 only.

4. Blogsy

Though Blogsy costs $5 but is an amazing application for bloggers, but only for iPad users, it allows drag and drop and supports  Blogger, WordPress, and Flicker.

5. Posterous

That application enables you to email a single post, together with all attachments.

With this tool, your blog posts can be posted on social networks.

6. Tumblr

This is a must-have application for bloggers using the iPhone for easy blog posting, photo sharing, and so on.

7. TypePad

TypePad is a perfect application for Apple phone users, who wish to share posts and pictures in a cool systematic way.

It also allows bloggers to chat themselves about their posts and so on.

8. WordPress

With the WordPress application on your iPhone, it allows all functionality included in WordPress desktop on your iPhone and iPad.

This is the most amazing blogging app ever made; it contains all features; it allows you to post, edit, delete, manage, create, tag, share, and so on.


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