Importance Of Tags In Blog Post & Its Impact On SEO

Importance of Tag

There is an option to add tags to all of our WordPress posts, but most of us don’t know the relevance of adding tags.

On this article, we will look at some facts about tags in every blog post.

One fantastic thing about blogging with WordPress over many other blogging platforms is that WordPress allows you to add tags to your posts with ease. It can be done before hitting the publish button.

Tagging is an excellent way to optimize your blog post for Search Engines, and as well optimizing your entire website or blog.

Now, if you are new into blogging with WordPress – you may ask, “what actually is a tag?”

Let’s look at the definition of a tag

What is a tag?

A blog tag is a word, a small group of words, or a short phrase which can be used to describe your posts or content. Tags do not need to be elaborate, but they need to be targeted.

How does tag works on a blog post?

Tags are relevant to your post, the more it is included, the better they will be used by the search engines to understand better what your content is all about. It also helps your content get found easily.

Just shopping in a supermarket where products have no “price tag,” it will difficult for one to know the actual price of each product, especially if you need to get a product on a price basis. This is exactly the case of tags in a blog.

When all products have a price tag on them, it will simplify the buyer’s shopping experience, and as well reduce the workload on the shop attendant. So this is how it is with post tags, it helps the search engine identify your blog post, and as well help your blog visitors to search for contents that share the same tag easily.

A post can have multiple tags. But it will be a very wrong idea when you start abusing tags.

Abusing tags can be in different ways, such as adding unnecessary tags or unrelated tags. The most effective way to use tags is to consider the keywords of your contents. Tags can be used either individually or as a short phrase.

You may want to consider what anyone searching for your content would type in the search engine. Some people who are looking for info may not just search for one word, but rather they will search for a phrase which is relevant to the question or problem they are searching for the answer.

How to add tag or tags in WordPress post

WordPress tags are straightforward to add to a post. While writing or editing a post, there is an option below where tags can be added. There, new or existing tags can be added. See image below

Importance of Tag

Importance of tags in a blog post

  • Tags are useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO); this helps your page ranking.
  • Tags help to put your blog contents in an arranged manner.
  • Tags help your blog visitor to surf your blog easily.
  • Tags help for easy crawling and quick indexing of your post and pages.
  • Tags can be a part of a site Bread Crumbs; this helps enhance users navigation experience.
  • Tags can also be part of a blog sitemap, also for quick indexing and traffic building.

I hope this article was useful to you. Please comment questions below.


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