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144 WordPress Ping List for Quick Post Indexing

WordPress Ping List

This post contains the latest WordPress ping list for quick post indexing

WordPress pinging is very useful for fast indexing of blog post by several search engine, including Google.

Once a post is published, edited or modified, WordPress immediately sends a ping to all the ping services listed updated on your blog. By so doing, the ping services get notified about the post and search engine will take it from there.

Although by default, WordPress notifies most ping services, they also allow you to include more services manually.

Take advantage of the WordPress pinging list; It is a great way to be a step ahead of your competitors.

Click the button below to open a copy-able txt file of the WordPress ping list.


If the displayed list is not able to copy – click on the button below.


How to add the Ping List to WordPress Blog

  • Login to your WordPress as an administrator.
  • Go to Settings >> Writing on the left of your screen, then scroll down to update services and add the ping list above.

See image below

Taking full advantage of your WordPress ping update services is an excellent step to good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but that doesn’t mean the WordPress pinging list is sufficient enough for a keyword SEO.

There are many things which you still need to do to your blog to rank well on the search engine result page (SERP). Read articles below for the best SEO practice and high traffic.


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