5 Best Television Brands With Guarantee To Buy In Nigeria

Best Television Brands

This article contains information that will enable you to make the right choice while choosing the best television brands that will sustain your needs in Nigeria.

For every household, a TV set is very necessary at least in the sitting room, and if need be – in the master bedroom then all other rooms follow.

Your television in the sitting room is the first impression when a visitor steps into your home.

Different people have different choices of television brands to buy. But whichever one decides to buy always depends on choice, current technology, and their availability of resources. These will be explained below.

What Determines Television To Buy?

1. Price

Most Nigerians are on a budget, mainly because of the condition of the economy. The well-educated ones will like to draw a scale of preference, making sure they don’t spend more than planned.

The 85% of Nigerians that fall within this group will definitely not go for the expensive television. They choose to base the availability of resources.

2. Quality

There is no doubt that quality comes at a high price. Those who love quality goods will do what it takes to get the best quality TV even if it means saving along for it.

Because of the high price attached to a high-quality TV set, those who fall into this category are mainly wealthy Nigerians.

3. Durability

By durability, I mean how long the product can last. There is a high correlation between quality and durability. As quality goods are arguably meant to last the taste of time.

4. Technology

As each day passes by, we keep witnessing new technology. TV, for instance, passed through different levels of technology from; Combo to Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, 3D, and so on.

Apart from the display technology we also have Monitor TV – a television that can function as a computer monitor, TV with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, SIM Card Slot, Webcam, etc.

All these features are different levels of technology. Whichever technology you decide may not be available in all brands, and it varies in price too. You need to determine the one you will like to go for.

5. Design

We have experienced Table TV, Wall TV, Ultra Slim TV, and so on. All these designs also come in different sizes – measured in inches. 20″ 32″ 40″ 60″ and many more sizes are available in the market.

There are over a hundred television brands in the world. But since this post is about the best TV brands in Nigeria, we will consider availability – the best brands you can find here in Nigeria.

Best TV Brands To Buy In Nigeria


The South Korean giant – Samsung is the world market leader in the television market, leading Top TV manufacturers like LG and Sony with a very wide margin in terms of sales.

Whatever you are looking for in a TV – Samsung got you covered. When it comes to quality Samsung, don’t jeopardize it at all.

Are you looking at durability? Samsung will last the taste of time, all things being equal.

Their products are available at any level of TV technology you can think of.

The greatest thing about Samsung products here in Nigeria is that lots of centers where can buy or even lay complaints or claim warranties if any. This means their warranty is guaranteed.

But when compared with most other products an average Nigerian can easily, Samsung is much more expensive.

2. LG

LG is also another South Korean electronics company that has dominated the Nigerian market.

Unlike Samsung, LG understands the Nigerian factors, and they made sure their products are not just durable but also affordable to a great extent.

This is why they have many offices located in Nigeria to bring themselves close to their customers.

LG may not have impressed Nigerians with their telecom products like Smartphones. But as long as household electronics, especially television is concerned, LG is the first to reckon with.


Sony is a standard name for every home. Japanese electronics in the United States is known for quality.

Although their price is on the high side, the prestige that comes with their product is more. Whichever TV technology you are looking for Sony is equal to the task as long as you can afford their price.


They are one product that is trending in the Nigerian electronics market. Their products are much more affordable, guess that is the reason they are making waves.

A big fall from Polystar is that you may not find their products on all classes of television sets. Especially the most recent technology.


This product has been there over the years. They try to stand out from other products by always adding unique features to most of their production. With Toshiba products, quality and durability are well guaranteed.



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