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How to Recover Deleted Blog Post – 4 Ways Explained

This article explains the four major ways to recover all your deleted blog post

We are all human, and mistake is inevitable. Every blogger requires total post-security at all time.

They all need a way to get back their posts back even after deleting them intentionally or accidentally.

Sometimes you might be responsible for the post-deletion. In a blog a managed in the past for instance, I mistakenly gave an editor a role that permits him to take down posts, he didn’t understand the unique blog framework – so he ended up deleting several blog posts before he gave me a call.

I have also encountered a situation where one of my blog post was missing. I still can’t understand the reason behind it till today, but I was able to recover it.

I will share with you different ways to recover deleted blog posts.

How to Recover Deleted Posts

1. Use Google’s Cache

Congratulations if Google had Indexed your deleted post.

Do you know that you can recover every post or web content indexed by Google from the cache?

To achieve this, search for your post by title, use this format: “site:sitename.com: post title.” Once the result is displayed, you will see an arrow after each result URL. Once you see the post you are looking click on the arrow and click cache to view a cached copy of the deleted post.

See the image below:

Recover Deleted Blog Post

If successful, copy the post and paste it back in your blog as a new post, it will be advisable you keep the same URL of the post in other not to lose traffic, or to avoid your audience getting a 404 error page.

2. Use archive.org (Wayback Machine)

If the post you are looking for is very old you will find it on archive.org.

To get back to your post, visit the Wayback Machine site. Enter your blog URL and click on Enter. Then find your post by calendar date selection.

3. WordPress Trash

This option is only available for those blogging with the WordPress platform. With WordPress, every deleted post goes to the trash, just like the function of the recycle in window PC.

With WordPress trash, you can restore your selected post, if not deleted completely on the trash.

To view your WordPress trash simply login to your WordPress dashboard click on Posts >> All Posts, you will see the trash link.

Recover Deleted Blog Post

If your post has been deleted from the WordPress trash, then you will need to use either of the above methods to recover back your post.

4. Try Feed Burner

You may find the full or a part of your deleted blog post from the feed burner. This depends on whether you have set your blog feed short or full.

If you set your blog feed as full, then you will be able to recover your full post with all the images on it.

If you had subscribed to your Feedburner newsletter, then you will find the post on your email inbox. Just do a thorough search.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Now you know how to recover all the blog posts you mistakenly deleted from your blog.

Please use the comment box if you are facing any challenges or have a suggestion or recommendation.


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