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How to Find Advertisers and Sponsors for your Blog

This article explains the whole role bloggers have to play to attract advertisers to their blogs.

Selling ad areas is the most appropriate strategy to make money from blogs.

You can determine the price of the ad space that is offered with reference. The price is proportional to the amount and quality of your blog traffic at that time.

Of course, the higher the traffic the opportunity to get advertisers will be higher.

Why should traffic play a role?

It’s an advertiser’s reference when choosing promotional media to maximize ad clicks on their banners. The more and more unique visitors to your website, the ad clicks their chances will be higher.

What then happens next?

This is where they will be interested in sponsoring your website or blog within a particular time of the mutual agreement.

Here’s how five ways to find advertisers for a website or blog.

What attracts advertisers to a blog?

People don’t just come nowhere and start throwing their money on your blog. There must be something about your blog that will motivate them to advertise.

1. Blog Traffic

Traffic in the sense here is the average number of daily visitors to your blog. The more visitors, the better. Traffic is the main reference advertiser in assessing your blog.

The essence of every advertiser is to reach out to their products and services to as many people as possible.

In regards to this, your blog traffic is what they must look out for. No advertiser will like to advertiser where they will not benefit from.

On good thing here is that you can’t lie about your blog traffic. There are many free online tools out there that advertisers can make use of in other to know your traffic range.

But in the real sense, there is no reference specific traffic to a blog to get advertisers. But it would be nice if your blog has at least 1000 unique visitors daily.

If your blog has not met the criteria, start focusing on building visitor traffic from now to increase your blog monetization opportunities.

One of the best ways to increase your blog traffic is by optimizing it for the search engines. If your blog is lacking .traffic, you may want to read some of our SEO tip below.

2. Blog Design

Web design is what makes some websites look appealing. By just visiting some web you may fall in love with the way it looks. Any potential promoter who visits such a site may want to advertise there.

Eye-Catching website design will make the ad look more attractive. This is what advertisers are looking out for all the time.

Most of the blogs you find run on the WordPress framework. If you are familiar with WordPress, then you must have known that it is the most used and the best CMS.

There are so many WordPress has so many themes (templates) both the free ones and the paid ones.

When choosing your blog design, make sure that you select a theme that advertisers will appreciate. Even if it means paying for it, then you have to.

3. Blog niche

A blog niche is what determines the kind of content you will be publishing on your blog. For instance, a sports niche will publish sports-related articles; a fashion blog will publish fashion-related articles.

An advertiser who wants to promote fashion-related products will love to do that on a fashion blog. They will then look for a fashion niche to invest in.

It is always advisable to make your blog focus on a particular niche. This is the best way to attract advertisers.

List of blog niche that attracts advertisers

  • Tech-related niche
  • Fashion niche
  • Entertainment niche
  • Football related niche
  • Product review niche

How to Get Advertisers on a Blog

1. State it

There are lots of advertisers who came to your blog and left without trying to contact you. The reason for this is that it was not stated on the blog that they accept advertisers and sponsors.

To do this, make an area of ​​banner bidding, or you can also Place Cheap Ads in certain positions like Sidebar, Header, and also footer.

2. Create a POST AD page

After doing the above steps, what you should do next is to direct the banner link to a page that explains or describes step by step how to install ads on your blog. This will make it easier for advertisers to find the information below.

  • Blog stats: Calculate traffic data in your blog for One day and also the total per month. Explain the number of visitors and also the Page view you get. Do not forget, to use accurate and accountable data such as Google Analytics.
  • Choice of spot banner area: Inform with banner spot detail that you provide so easy to know by advertisers. Let’s say you provide a spot of 125 x 125px, 300 x 250px and much more.
  • Explanation of Advertiser Advantages: Describe what advantages they get if advertising on your blog. Make it clear that potential applicants are more interested in your blog.
  • Explanation of Advertising Rates: this is the most crucial point. This is what most advertisers are looking for about the price rates you set for their promotions. If you are confused to determine the price of advertising, please research other blogs with the same traffic estimates as your blog. Or you can use low rates as a first step to monetize your blog.
  • Advertising payment media: Provide several options to receive advertising payments such as Paypal, Bank Account, or the easiest Via Pulsa.
  • Contact Information: Do not forget to include your phone number or contact form that can be contacted you.

3. Follow the Adsense Program

Adsense program is an online advertising business with a variety of options that are perfect for monetizing a blog. Google Adsense can provide fresh air for bloggers in all corners of the world and has even been able to make lots of young millionaires.

This can be an alternative for those of you who want to find a sponsor for your blog. Google pays for every click made by visitors to your blog.

But regardless of that, your blog must meet the required criteria before AdSense will approve it. You need to pay attention to some TOS from google to join the publisher listed below.

  • Content no COPAS (No Copy-Paste content)
  • The blog design is clear and not confusing (such as navigation position, sidebar, and footer)
  • The content should not contain elements of racial intolerance, violence, weapons, and others.
  • There are many more, and please read more on Google TOS.


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