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How to Check Indexed Blog Post in Google

This article will give you full detail on How to Check Which of your Blog posts is Indexed in Google and those that are not.

This is going to be an important post, especially for bloggers who want to make it very big in their blogging business.

As we all know that the easiest way people can quickly locate an online article that we published on the internet, is by making use of the search engine.

Among all search engines – Google is the most used by online users and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Therefore, it will be a big loss to you – if Google does not index your blog post. This means that no one can locate that post on the Google search engine reporting page (SERP).

If you can find out those posts that are not showing on Google – then you can tweak them to make them start showing, or you can also use Google Console to get them indexed as soon as possible.

Many beginner webmasters (bloggers) think getting their website on Google’s first ten-page slot is an easy task.

Don’t think your website will start appearing on google on the first page for all searches made on Search engines(google) the moment you launch your website.

In a normal circumstance, your new website homepage is supposed to be indexed by search engines in a day or two but may extend to months in rare cases.

It took me a day before I got my website (blog) to get indexed by google which is normal for all websites but that does not mean that when people search for competitive keywords on google they started seeing my article on search engines the very first day.

Before we start please get it right, there are differences between getting your website indexed on search engines (google) and how to appear on google search on top and other search engines.

There are millions of webmasters fighting for the first slot on search engines so you have to work very hard before you can fight for a place in the top ten slots and the act of fighting for a slot on search engine ranking pages is known as Search engine optimization(SEO).

So what is SEO? We won’t discuss that here because we wrote extensively on the definition of SEO and terms related to SEO here.

Furthermore, we wrote a 5000words+ comprehensive article on ways to improve your SEO and get your article in the first slot here.

As a new website (blog), without taking any additional steps we will discuss this topic your website is expected to be indexed before a week so your website is a week old and your website is not indexed then something else is wrong.

These are the reasons why a website will not get indexed by Google (search engines) or the reasons why your website not showing up on google anymore

  • Your domain name is banned by Google
  • They can’t crawl your website
  • You did not ping them
  • You just bought a domain name and you don’t have anything on it
  • Your website was properly not coded well
  • Your website is redirecting to another domain name
  • You are doing some sort of black hat SEO.

Even after knowing these things we won’t want you to conclude yet that your website will never be indexed.

Just follow these steps we will list below and your website will appear on search engines but even if after doing these things your website did not still get indexed then It means some evil forces are on top of your matter ???.

Read this guide on 12 reasons why Google will ban your website and how to fix your website after a ban.

Funny enough, some websites are already indexed on google but because they don’t know how to check if their website is indexed.

Or they search their domain name on google and nothing shows up they came to the conclusion that their website (blog) is not indexed.

To check if your website is indexed by google just type site:yourdomainname e.g. and click search, your indexed pages are filtered out always starting with your domain name but if nothing appeared then your site is not indexed so continue reading.

To get your blog indexed immediately you launch your blog, there are steps to follow so follow this list and your website will be indexed within six hours.

How to Fix Websites not Showing on Google

how to index my website on google ✔️

how to show my website in google search engine✔️
register your site’s URL (web address) with Google search✔️
Index google ✔️

1. Ping Search engines

The first thing to do to get your website indexed after launching your new website is to ping search engines, this will tell them that your blog is alive and you have something on it.

The free tool I recommend for this is Prepostseo, with this tool you can ping all search engines with a click and inform them of your new blog. Not only that you can ping only your homepage.

You can easily ping your homepage and all your web pages with just a click too. Just enter their URLs in the text area you see below on prepostseo.

By doing this your website should be indexed within hours.

2. Drop your URL on websites with authority and traffic

This is one tool I use and always recommend for webmasters too, you need to get a website or more that has high PageRank like NairalandQuoraBBC.

Just get anyone of the three put your link on it and your website will surely be indexed before 5 hours

3. Set up Google Search Console

Formerly known as the Google webmaster tool, this is another way to get your website indexed fast and the good news is that it is a tool owned by Google itself.

With this tool, you will prove the ownership of your website. You just need to Register for it and watch the videos below to learn how to use it.

4. Check your robots.txt

Your blog will not be indexed if your robots.txt is full of errors. Your robots.txt is used to block search engines from crawling some web pages on your website.

By default WordPress block your wp-admin from getting indexed by search engines because they are personal, who knows your important pages must have been included in your robots.txt in rare cases.

To check your robots.txt, go to

It should look like this ⏬

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

If your homepage is under disallow: then your website will never get crawled talkless of indexing

5. Post something

With due regard, search honor websites that post frequently, creating a post or a page will easily get your website indexed faster than normal. Make sure the new post or page has links in it too.


If after taking all these actions your website still does not get indexed then It is probably because village people are putting their hands in it, lol, just kidding.

Inform Google about it You will need to plead to google when you open the link that you just bought the domain name and you don’t know how you got banned.

They should reconsider taking you in again so that such won’t happen again(etc.) The way you write that application letter stuff.

In conclusion, the only reason we publish articles online is to make users hear our views on whatever subject matter. If you are posting and no one sees it is of no need. You will just be writing for writing’s sake.

It is necessary always to make sure that every post you publish online is indexed on Google. Also, note that a post must be indexed first before it will start ranking.

I hope this post was helpful to you. For any contribution or suggestion to Check Which of your Blog posts is Indexed in Google, use the comment box.

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