5 Ways To Identify The Owner Of A Phone Number

identify owner of phone number

In this post, you will see the different ways to Identify the owner of a phone number without any restriction.

Most people hate to be kept in suspense, especially when it has to be with phone calls. I don’t know about you, but for me, the worst thing someone can do is to call me with a strange number, then try to play pranks.

For me, it is just a craze.

Aside from that, sometimes we may get a missed call from an unknown number and do not know who owns the phone number. Or maybe you have been scammed by someone with a particular phone number, and you want to know who performed the scam.

Apart from both reasons mentioned above, there are also lots of other events that will make us want to know the identity of the person behind a mobile number.

We will explain it below.

How to identify the owner of a phone number

1. Truecaller

Truecaller for a long time now has been the best application to find the owner of a particular phone number.

Truecaller is available as an app, or you can make use of its web version. Go to www.truecaller.com and enter the mobile number – if available you will find the name behind the mobile number.

2. Facebook

Facebook is used by a good percentage of the world’s population. Just like Truecaller, you can also find a person on Facebook but his or her mobile number.

To do this, write the mobile number in the Facebook search bar and click enter to search. If any person’s phone number is linked to their Facebook account, you will be able to see the person’s profile.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used mobile app in the world. To find who the unknown caller is – add the unknown caller’s mobile number to your contact, then open your WhatsApp and refresh, you will be able to see the anonymous caller’s WhatsApp profile, only if that number has been used to create a WhatsApp account.

4. Google Search

Search for the number in the Google Search engine; it may link you to a website or webpage in which the phone number has been used or mentioned.

From there, you may get the person’s profile if available there.

5. Other Social Media

Finally, you may also make use of other Social Media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. Enter the mobile number on the search bar and click enter.

If that mobile number had been mentioned in a place the search is supported, on the result link, you might know the owner of the number.


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