10 Best Portable Generator Brands in Nigeria


Electricity is a part of life; almost every device in the world makes use of electricity.

Through electricity, we light up our homes, charge our phones, watch our favorite stations on the TV, power up our computers and every other electronic device.

Electricity is not only for home use alone, but it is also needed in businesses, hospitals, companies, and even churches need power too.

Every activity in life needs electricity to function properly.

Most countries in the world today, especially the developed one – has provided their citizens with 24 hours uninterrupted power supply.

Some countries may not have achieved this, but they try to provide sufficient power, especially in major cities in their nation.

In Nigeria, the government is doing its best within its capacity to make sure there is an improvement in power generation and distribution all over the country.

But still, the power available to us is very far from what the entire nation needs; this resulted in epileptic power all over the country.

The only alternative everyone has to get a personal source of power for their household or business.

Among the alternatives are Solar Power, Inverters, UPS, and generators.

Most Nigerians will prefer buying a generator because it is the most affordable source of power. UPS too is affordable, but the power capacity is limited.

This post will focus on generators as a source of power generation.

How to choose the type of generator to buy

There are three things everyone must consider before selecting a generator set.

1. Amount of power needed

The amount of power required will determine the size of the generator to buy. Generator power can be calculated in KVA (Kilo Volt Ampere). The more appliances you need to power, the more generator power you will need.

Although you mustn’t use your generator to power all appliances if your home. You can create a habit of turning off some in other not to overload the generator.

2. The type of fuel

Generators use mainly petrol or diesel, while some industrial generators make use of gas.

Among these fuel types, you should know which is most convenient for you, especially in terms of safety and proximity.

3. Cost of generator

As we know, most Nigerians are on a budget, and “one can’t give what they don’t have“.

Most people will like to choose their choice based on the amount of money they have budgeted for it, not minding the quality or the amount of power it produces.

As long as it can light up their homes, they are good with it.

Why Portable Generators Are Essential in Nigeria

Nigeria’s power grid is known for frequent blackouts and voltage fluctuations.

This unreliability can result in damage to electrical appliances and disrupt daily life.

Portable generators offer a solution by providing a backup power source that kicks in when the main grid fails.

This ensures that you can continue your activities without interruption, whether it’s running essential home appliances, powering businesses, or enjoying outdoor adventures.

Best Generator Brands to Buy in Nigeria

In listing the best portable household generators in Nigeria, we considered three major factors to get our complete list; Availability, Affordability, and Quality.

1. Tiger Generators

Tiger generators were among the first portable generators that stormed the Nigerian market with the smallest generator popularly called “l pass my neighbor“.

The gen happens to be the most affordable generator in the market; maybe it’s because they range between 0.95KVA – 1.2KVA.

Tiger also has other varieties of generators up to 10KVA, they are known for quality and have lots of distributors nationwide.

Tiger generator


2. Elepaq

If you are looking for a cost-efficient power generator, then think of Elepaq.

Since Elepaq arrived in the Nigerian market, they have won lots of loyal customers. It is the number one choice for most Nigerians, and its quality is unquestionable.

Elepaq generators are affordable; you will find them in any gen sales shop next to your location.


Elepaq generator

3. Sumec Firman

One great thing about Firman generator products is it conserves fuel very much more than most other generator products. The product is very much affordable, reliable, and has a mark of quality.

A good number of Nigerians are choosing this product, and the sales are currently on the high side, all because of what the products offer.

Sumec Firman generator


4. Haier Thermocool

Haier Thermocool product is most known for producing the best refrigerators in the Nigerian market. They also produce generators of fantastic look and quality.

They were the first products I discovered that produced portable gen with remote control. They have many distributors, so laying hands on them will not be an issue.

Haier Thermocool generators


5. Honda

Honda is a Japanese brand known for durability and best of quality. If you need a generator your children will inherit from you – then Honda is the answer.

Although their price is quite expensive more than every other on the list here, every good quality comes with a price.

Honda generators

6. Elemax

Elemax is a renowned generator brand recognized for its production of portable generators.

Elemax generators are known for their durability and fuel efficiency during operation.

It’s worth mentioning that potential buyers might face challenges related to their relatively high prices, as Elemax offers some of the most expensive generator sets in the Nigerian market today.

7. Yamaha

Yamaha generators are prized for their quality and performance. They are known for their quiet operation, making them suitable for residential use. Yamaha’s innovative technology ensures fuel efficiency and extended runtime.

8. Generac

Generac is a trusted name in the generator industry. They provide a diverse range of portable generators designed for both residential and commercial use.

Generac generators are known for their robust build and dependable performance.

9. Hyundai

Hyundai generators combine reliability with affordability. They offer a range of portable generators that provide stable power output. These generators are designed to be fuel-efficient and easy to maintain.

10. Lutian

Lutian generators offer a wide range of options, including both gasoline and diesel models. They are known for their durability and consistent performance.

Maintenance and Safety Tips for Portable Generator

To keep your portable generator in optimal condition, follow these maintenance and safety tips:

  • Regularly check and change the oil and air filter.
  • Store fuel in a safe, well-ventilated area away from the generator.
  • Keep the generator outdoors to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.


Investing in a portable generator is a wise decision for anyone living in Nigeria.

These devices provide a reliable source of power during frequent blackouts, ensuring you can carry on with your daily activities without disruption.

Consider the factors mentioned in this article when choosing the best portable generator brand to meet your specific needs.



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