5 Best Tools To Compare and Contrast Websites

Compare Websites

After reading this post, you will learn all the Best Methods To Compare and Contrast any Websites of your choice thoroughly.

Once we start a new profit-making website or blog, the major thing that may limit us from achieving success is our competitors.

So then what is the essence of creating a blog if there are thousands of blogs offering the same kind of information. Just as you do, they might even be better in the business.

It is the main reason why we should always keep an eye close to our competitors and do all possible things to be a step ahead of them.

There are lots of online free tools and services to help us effectively compare other websites with ours. With them, we know how to improve our website.

Tools Used to Compare Websites

GooglePage Rank

I am sure most of you must have heard about Google PageRank, which is a rank given by Google on a scale of one to ten in the eyes of Google itself. Google generally calculates it.

Compare Websites with google page rank

However, a higher PageRank does not guarantee any form of higher search rank visits.

Also, note that getting a higher PageRank will not mean that you will get a higher search engine visits from that time on. PageRank is given as a result of your link popularity in search results.

In recent days, PageRank is gradually losing its importance in the eyes of most webmasters. Recently, we have experienced some great websites getting a low PageRank and some crappy sites with poor content getting high PageRank.

Alexa Rank

Alexa gives a measure of site traffic by providing its unique rank. Alexa and Google Page Rank are the two major tools most people use to compare a website. However, Alexa Rank may not be so correct most times.

Alexa uses its toolbar installed on browsers of the internet user to count impressions, how about if the user didn’t install the Alexa toolbar?

Alexa Rank can easily be faked and manipulated; this is why some who understand how it works don’t value it. Having a good Alexa Rank is very necessary anyway.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is also one of Google’s products that can be used to check how fast a website loads.

The most amazing thing about this platform is that it checks the webpage speed and mobile page speed separately, and gives different results.

To compare website page speed, simply type in the URL of the comparing sites, wait for it to scan through, and give its report.

No doubt almost all web users make use of Google search. Google being the owner of the PageSpeed Insight, we believe that if your site performance is high on PageSpeed Insight, the SEO performance will be high overall all things being equal.

Compete Rank

The “Compete Rank” shows the number of visitors that are accessing your site, and it may be used to compare websites at the same time.

Some fantastic options Complete Rank have are available in their premium version. Nevertheless, the site is still pretty good and easy to use.

Though most new websites are not listed under the Complete Rank platform, the criteria to get listed on complete is not made known. But it is believed that an average of 1000 daily visitors is needed to get registered.


SEO Robotics is a Search Engine Optimization analysis tool, which grades in a score of 8.

In its beta version, after analyzing each and every aspect of your site which includes;  Alexa Rank, backlinks, Google Page Rank, indexing, social presence reputation, and a good number of other parameters, the SEO tool will give you an insight as to what you should do to increase your website visibility as well as how to improve it.


This web platform help to compare the loading time between two websites by loading them simultaneously. It is as simple as that; there is nothing much to say here.

Apart from the five web tools listed above, there are many other services and websites which can be used to compare sites. If I didn’t list your favorite, please comment it below, and let’s add it.



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