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10 Best Betting Sites In Nigeria With Highest Odds

This article listed the best online betting sites in Nigeria that have the highest odds for a higher profit.

Online sports betting and prediction have been gaining momentum in the past few years in Nigeria. Almost all categories of people including the rich and the poor are now into football prediction – popularly called Bet9ja or Nairabet.

In one of our articles – the secrets of football prediction, we explained all the tricks, do and don’t on how can increase their chances of winning soccer bet all the time.

But one thing is for sure, there is a trick of winning more money with a wider margin. It is no secret, it’s all about being smarter and doing better research.

If you are deep into sports betting you should know by now that what matters the most is the odds.

The odd of each outcome you predict will be multiplied together to give the total odds for the total game. The total odds will then be multiplied will whatever stake you decide to place.

Odds in different betting sites differ, if you can know the site that has the best odds – staking with them will increase your winning.

We did thorough research and we discovered that odds for different prediction sites in Nigeria fluctuates so much. It is also the same way with other sites over the world.

The odds of most prediction sites in Nigeria are based on certain outcomes. What is trying to say is that you don’t judge odds based on 1X2 (home win, draw and away win) – maybe you should if that is the only stake option you do go for.

Most site I find out that has low odds in 1X2 ends up having higher odds in other outcomes such as; double chance, combo, and BTS. When a site has lower odds here – the odds there may be higher than the others.

To form the list of football betting sites in Nigeria with the highest odds, I considered all outcome odds from hundreds of games from several leagues around the world.

I used the different measures of central tendency to get the average of each betting site. The site with the higher average ranks first. The list below was arranged in descending (from higher to lowest) order.

Betting Sites With The Highest Odds In Nigeria

1. NairaBet

Nairabet happens to be the best football prediction site with the highest odds on average.

They have proved to have what it takes over a long time. With lots of outlets in different parts of Nigeria, staking with nairabet won’t cost a thing.

2. BetKing

BetKing is ranking second in terms of odds on my list. Their combo odds and straight wins are actually on the high side, that was actually what gave them an edge on top of our list.

Betking is one of the fastest-growing betting websites in Nigeria. With the rate at which people are joining BetKing nowadays – there is no doubt that they will soon give others a run for their money.

3. Bet9ja

Bet9ja is the third on our list. This betting site has really stood a great ground in Nigeria. You will find a bet9ja outlet on almost all the major streets in the most populated location.

They are the leading football prediction site in Nigeria with a Mobile App to make their site very easy for mobile users to access. They are currently one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.

What will attract you most to bet9ja will be their high winning bonus. Seeing those bonuses you will love to stake at every point in time.

4. MerryBet

Merrybet has some unique outcomes you may not find on most other sites. The betting site is unique in its own special way with attractive odds in certain outcomes.

This was what made them part of our list as number four.

5. Mars Leisure

This betting site is not really much popular in Nigeria. Giving it a trial will make you love them.

Their odds are highly encouraging to keep you staking, with an edge in double chance odds staking. This is the reason they made this list.

6. Winners Golden Bet

They are great, their name explained it all. Though not all about the name. They have competitive odds people will love to jump into. This is why they made my list.

7. Access Bet

All those who love mobile-friendly sites will be a fan of Access Bet. Access bet odds made it on my list. They are reliable with lots of potential. Expect nothing if not the best from AccessBet.

8. Naija Bet

An amazing site with average odds on all categories’ outcomes. Those who love long ticket forecasts will really find this site advantageous. They made my list of sites with high odds.

9. SureBet247

How I wish the name “Sure Bet” will prevail on all forecasted games. All I can say here is that the site has a great future.

Anyone who gives them a trial ends up loving them and say great things about them. No doubt, same here – their odds are high on almost all the market outcomes.

10. 1xBet

This site is not much pronounced, but they have all you need in a standard betting website; attractive odds with lots of market options to go with it.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. We are not promoting any sporting company in any way. Also, there may be limitations to this article. We may not have included all the betting sites in our test. There may also be a periodic effect as most betting sites try to improve their odds. Therefore this article is said to be inconclusive.


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