8 Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic


Apart from the usual SEO skill which can be done to boost a website search engine reputation, thereby increasing the website traffic, there are still lots of things you can do to direct very high traffic to your website.

Know that people don’t only come to a website via Google search or other search engines, some sites are now like trademarks which people visit daily by inputting the site URL.

As the number of website in the world is increasing daily, the chances of most site appearing on search engines keep getting slimmer.

Therefore, you must use other alternatives to direct more traffic to your websites.

In this post, we shall look at the uncommon ways to increase your site or blog traffic.

Uncommon Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

1. Ask friends to share your website link on their Social Media

The more your site URL or blog post is shared on social media, the higher the tendency people will click on it.

Not just that, it’s also a healthy form of SEO.

To achieve this, ask your family and friend to share specific pages and posts of your website to their social media timeline, page, or group.

2. Include your website URL in your email signature

To boost your site traffic it is advisable to include your web address in your email footer signature.

By so doing anyone who receives a mail from you will be able to see your web address and he or she may click on it to check it out or even bookmark it.

And if they forward to mail to someone else – they will also see it, it will keep going in that algorithm.

3. Add your website address in your business cards

Adding your web address to your business card also has a role to play. If you do this – anyone who you give your business card will be able to see your web address written on it, and they will like to see your portfolio on your site.

If you are a contractor or a producer – your clients will be able to see projects you have accomplished in the past as well as your contact details.

Not just traffic, but this will boost your reputation and make you win more clients.

4. Comment on other related blogs

This is most necessary for bloggers, to generate more traffic to their blog, you may consider commenting on other blogs that are related to whatever you are offering.

You don’t comment; you have to drop your web address on every comment you make.

By so doing, you will be directing some readers of that blog to your blog as well as building backlinks. This will direct unlimited traffic to your blog as long as the other blog exists.

5. Join and contribute to online discussion forums

After joining an online forum, you are expected to contribute to as many discussions as possible. And as well try to make a positive impact so that people will admire you.

Most discussion forums make use of signature, which you can add your web address.

Once this is done – for every contribution you make, people will see the link to your website and may end up clicking or bookmark it, or even become a contributor to your site.

6. Watermark your website on photos you share on the social media

Social media has an extensive range of users. If you add your web address as a watermark on reasonable photos you share the social media, it will give your website a very high reputation.

Therefore, people who see and like any of those images will like to visit your site to see what you have there. You can also use Pinterest to give extra exposure to your websites.

7. Include your website in your products and business car

Having your website link to all your products will help in a long way. You may not know how far your product will go or who is using it.

Someone who likes your products will want to visit the link on it, the same applies to the link on your business car.

8. Include your URL in your social media profile

A good percentage of the world population is on social media, and there is a tendency that a good number of them will check out your profile -if you include your website link of your social profile and pages. Some people will like to click to see what you do there.




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