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6 Great Places to Buy and Sell Your Website Online

Based on some of our audience requests, we decided to make this brief article to list the reliable places to sell your website or web application.

Most people ask, “how can I sell my website“?

No doubt, buying, and selling websites and domains have for a while been a good source of jumbo income for some people, especially web developers who have to take this avenue to add extra cash to their bank balance.

This type of business is known as Website Flipping. People who are engaged in it creates amazing and attractive websites, especially blogs of different niche, and sale at a high price.

The buyers will either make use of the site or can even sell it at a higher price.

Factors that determine website price

1. Site traffic

The higher the site traffic, the higher the price the website will be sold.

Site traffic means the number of people that visits the website. It can be calculated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – while placing the site on sale.

For instance, a site that attracts 20k daily visitors will be sold for a higher price than that which gets on 1k daily visitors.

There are lots of tools that can be used to check your site traffic. One of the most preferred tools is Google Analytics.

For a site that runs on WordPress, the popular JetPack plugin can also be used to the number of people that visits your website.

There are also lots of other plugins and analytics tools available out there for free to check site traffic.

2. Members and visitors’ Engagement

The higher the site members’ or visitors’ engagement, the more expensive the site should be.

Members engagement means then the site has dedicated users. That is people who navigate directly to the site without having to go through the search engines.

One way to know sites with strong engagement is by the comments on their posts and articles. When you see a blog getting lots of positive comments on most of their post, it is a good sign of good members’ engagement.

3. Site earnings

It is rare to see an earning site placed on sale. But in some cases, we see this happening.

A website that earns a regular income is always sold at a very high price. The reason for this is because of the potential of the site.

Selling it means the price should be able to supplement the site years of future income.

For instance, a site that earns about $200 per month, maybe sold for up to $12,000 – which is the projected five years income “all things being equal.”

4. Site ranking

The better the site ranking, the better the site will be. Therefore, a better ranking should lead to a better higher price.

When a site that ranks high drops a post – in no time we see the content on the first page of most search engines on that particular keyword used for it. This is a good sign and a plus for the site.

5. Domain Authority (DA) 

The Moz DA has been said by some SEO experts to be a search engine ranking factor – while this is still a hypothesis, sites, and blogs with high domain authority are always well ranked.

Domain Authority meters from 0 DA to 100 DA. The higher, the better. Domain Authority is mostly the first thing most potential website buyers as for before other information.

A website with DA above 50 is expected to be sold at a price higher than its real value. While a site whose DA is less than 10 may be ignored. High Domain authority is a good sign of potential.

6. Site age

Sometimes the age of a site gives the site a dominating preference, therefore making it more expensive.

7. Domain name

Some preferred domain names are just much more expensive and can be sold for thousands of dollars.

Over the years we have witnessed some domain names sold for an unbelievable price, like insurance.com and carinsurance.com which were sold for over 30 million dollars.

A site with an attractive domain name might sell 20 times the value of the website.

Some people who manage to sell such domain names many years ago are still resting on their fortune. A site with a perfect domain name may be a jackpot.

8. Number of backlinks

The number of backlinks also contributes to site ranking—the more backlinks, the better the site performance in terms of search engine optimization.

Backlinks refer to the number of sites pointing to your domain. It is an indication that the contents on your website are valuable, but in the real sense, they may not be.

The amount of backlinks a site has is significant, especially when the links are coming from sites of high domain authority.

As a result of this, sites with lots of backlinks tend to be more expensive.

Places to Buy and Sell Websites

1. Flippa

sell your website on flippa

Flippa is one of the most popular place to sell your website and apps, the platform has been existing for a very period.

Flippa is an open auction marketplace for websites, similar to eBay.

The platform is one to be reckoned with, it has a unique catalog of recently sold sites that can assist you to compare your prices or bids.


2. Empire Flippers

sell your website on empire flippers

On Empire Flippers you can only list websites that make a minimum profit of 1,000 dollars per month on their site.

Empire Flippers vets sites and as well examines their traffic and earning history. It is actually one of the more trusted website marketplaces.

3. FE International

sell your website on FE International

FE International is a professional adviser especially when it comes to merger-and-acquisitions.

They provide website broker services mainly for SaaS, content publishing and e-commerce businesses.

The company can help buy or sell websites with full assistance, including exit planning, accounting, valuation analysis, legal, strategic negotiations, post-sale considerations, due diligence, and many more.

4. BuySellEmpire

sell your website on BuySellEmpire

BuySellEmpire is an online marketplace where you can sell a wide range of online business, this includes; websites and e-commerce.

On BuySellEmpire your website needs a minimum of 1,500 dollars of monthly profit and verifiable organic traffic to be listed on its platform.

Depending on the size of the transaction, BuySellEmpire charges a commission ranging between 4% to 7% of the selling price of the website.


5. WebsiteBroker

sell your website Website Broker

6. FreeMarket

sell your website on Free Market


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