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How to Boost Alexa Ranking of Blogs and Websites

One of the world’s most excellent tools for ranking websites is Alexa. Over the years, Alexa has been there, and digital marketers on SEO experts well trust its ranking.

Alexa is always used to compare websites. They give stats on both world ranking and country ranking of websites. If you want to inspect the growth of your website, Alexa is the best tool for you.

The growth in the Alexa ranking of a website leads to an increase in traffic coming to the website. This is why every person will want their site to rank on Alexa.

But you don’t have to hold your hand while you watch. There are things you can do that can enhance the ranking

Alexa provides traffic data on global and national rankings, with information to over 30 million websites.

Importance of Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is one of the most crucial factors in legalizing the advertising space on your website, blog, or any other type of web application.

Keeping Google PageRank, and Moz Domain Authority aside, every blogger likes a good Alexa ranking. That is to say that “the better your Alexa rank, the more traffic your blog seems to be generating.”

Traffic information is based on a set of toolbars that are covered by Alexa data. It is a very competitive and intelligent tool for most webmasters.

Alexa provides a listing of the top 500 websites, also a free search terms driving traffic report that is updated every month.

A webmaster named Feydakin once said that “The people using the Alexa toolbar determines Alexa’s rankings.”

If those visiting your site do not have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser, they can not contribute to growing your Alexa rank.

Although Feydakin’s statement is still a hypothesis, it has been disagreed with by most Webmasters and SEO experts, as Feydakin didn’t provide any solid facts to back up his argument.

Tips to Boost Alexa Ranking of your blog

1.  Post Plagiarism free content with excellent quality and unique information

The first thing to do in other to increase Alexa rank is to write high-quality content. Writing quality content will help you to improve website traffic, especially via search engines.

Google so much loves quality content. Good content will strike a high ranking and will help you to increase the amount of traffic on your site.

Alexa rank is directly related to traffic coming to your website. The more traffic your site is getting, the better the chance of your site getting a better rank in Alexa site ranking.

Alexa also has a search analytics tab, which shows the traffic your website is getting from a search engine, which also improves over time.

2. Build Backlinks

There are many ways backlinks can be built,  but the writing of guest posts is beneficial to create backlinks and to increase Alexa rank as well.

Having a good number of backlinks will improve Alexa rank and sites linking in numbers will go high.

You can also consider commenting on another site or using different methods of building backlinks. It will help to increase website linking in stats and gradually it will have a positive impact on overall site traffic and your Alexa ranking in general.

3. Write Posts more often

Just make sure you write posts regularly for your blog; it will help you to increase your Alexa rank.

No one loves to visit blogs where posts are updated once in a blue moon. Everyone wants good content regularly, so there will always be something new.

You have to write at least a post daily if you just started your blog. By so doing, you will see the result immediately, that’s how fast your Alexa ranking will be increasing.

4. Place Alexa Rank Widget on Your Site

Just place an Alexa widget on your website; it will help you to improve its Alexa ranking.

It will show the current Alexa ranking status of your website at every point in time.

All you have to do is register your website on and paste the given code on your website or blog.

5. Share your content on social media.

Try to share your articles on Social Networks.

So many people now are connected to the web through social media. Some also depend on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to get news and other information.

Try to share your content on the social networks to explore the mind of the largest traffic provider – set up a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your website.


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