9mobile Data Plans, Activation Code & Bundle Price – 2023


This article contains the list of all 9mobile Data Plan, activation code, bundle prices, and the validity period of each.

9mobile has proved to have what it takes to compete in the Nigeria telecom industry.

The former Etisalat remains the latest telecoms provider in Nigeria. Their operation began in Nigeria in October 2008. From then to now, they have been able to win the heart of most Nigerians.

Within their first month in Nigeria, it was a great treat to other telecom network providers, that they were forced to adjust their data and tariff plans.

9mobile provides you with several data options to choose from – no matter what your data demands are.

Their cheap data subscription works on all mobile phones including; Android, iOS, and Windows. You can as well share the data to your laptop using the hotspot or insert the SIM into your modem.

Data bundles of 9mobile are of different categories, just like that of other networks. Choose from the daily, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual.

What you will enjoy is the internet speed – as long as you are within 9mobile network coverage, then you are sure of fast internet speed for all your browsing and downloads.

How to buy data on 9mobile will be your next question. Below we drop all the 9mobile data plan codes for Android and other devices, validity period, MB, price, etc.

9mobile Internet Bundles Plans

All 30 days validity bundles on the table below – auto-renewal and data rollover applies. Please note that packages are not applicable while roaming.

1GB night-only plan. (12am -5am) ₦200 *229*3*11# 1 day
2GB evening and weekend plan. (7 PM – 7 AM) and the whole of the weekend ₦1,000 *229*3*12# 30 days
5GB evening and weekend plan. (7 PM – 7 AM) and the whole of the weekend. 100MB WhatsApp (24/7) ₦2,000 *229*3*13# 30 days
1GB ₦1,000 *229*2*7# 30 days
1.5GB ₦1,200 *229*2*25# 30 days
2.5GB ₦2,000 *229*2*8# 30 days
4GB ₦3,000 *229*2*35# 30 days
5.5GB ₦4,000 *229*2*36# 30 days
11.5GB ₦8,000 *229*2*5# 30 days
15GB ₦10,000 *229*4*1# 30 days
27.5GB ₦18,000 *229*4*3# 30 days

More 9mobile  Internet Bundles Plans

Auto-renewal applies, to cancel auto-renewal, dial *229*0# from your 9mobile SIM. Rollover applies when you purchase the same bundle again – daily, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual.

Daily 10MB ₦50 *229*3*8# 24 hours
Daily 40MB ₦100 *229*3*1# 24 hours
150MB ₦200 *229*2*10# 7 days
500MB ₦500 *229*2*12# 30 days
Quarterly plan (30GB). ₦27,500 *229*5*1# 90 days
Bi-annual plan (60GB). ₦55,000 *229*5*2# 120 days
100GB Plan ₦84,992 *229*4*5# 30 days
Annual plan (120GB). ₦110,000 *229*5*3# 365 days
1GB (weekend plan). ₦500 *5995*2# Friday 11:59 pm – Sunday at 11:59 pm

9mobile Smartphone Plans

When you subscribe to any of the 9mobile Smartphone data plans, you will enjoy calls at 20 kobo per sec to any network without any access fee.

On the 9mobile Smartphone Plans, you will enjoy auto-renewal of your existing plan, As long as you have enough airtime to re-purchase the same plan.

All unused data will be automatically rolled over during the auto-renewal.

500MB ₦500 *229*2*11# smarta
1GB ₦1,000 *229*2*22# smartb
2.5GB ₦2,000 *229*2*44# smartc
5GB ₦3,500 *229*2*33# smartd
11.5GB ₦8,000 *229*2*55# smarte

To get all these codes via text message: text help to 229.

To opt-out dial *229*0#. After opting out, all call charges will revert to 40k per second upon the expiry of the data plan.



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