How to Rename Multiple Files in Your PC at Once


Are you wasting lots of time renaming multiple files on your PC? After reading this article, you will learn how to rename multiple files on a computer in just a few clicks.

There are times when you may need to rename many files on your computer.

For instance, you transferred some of your pictures from your mobile phone to a folder on your computer.

We all know the way phones give an annoying name to your images. Let’s say – they are pictures you took in school – you might want to give them names like “My School Pix” or “College Images”.

Now, you have lots of pictures in that folder, renaming them one by one will take so much time. This is where multiple renaming files come in.

Renaming multiple files is not restricted to pictures alone, video, music, and every other type of file are also included.

How to Rename Multiple Files on your PC

  1. Select all the files which you want to rename (use CTRL + A to select all the roles in the folder or hold Shift and click on each file you need to rename in the folder)
  2. Next, Right Click on the first file and select the option Rename, alternatively press FNF2 which is a rename shortcut.
  3. Rename the first file with any name (let’s rename as Jack)
  4. After you have renamed the first file other files will automatically rename themselves.

Note if you name the first file as “Jack” other files will rename themselves automatically as “Jack (1)” “Jack (2) Jack (3) and so on.

Only use this method when you want to keep all the selected files in with similar names.

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