9 Way To Make A Laptop Battery Last Longer

Laptop Battery

In our present economy, it’s no longer news that power is epileptic. As a result of this, most laptop users prefer a laptop that has a stronger and longer-lasting battery over other features. Sometimes, our laptop battery does not last because of our usage behavior.

On this post, you will see what to do in other to make your laptop battery last even longer. If you apply my recommendations, your laptop battery will last for an additional hour or even more, except if your battery is in bad shape.

How To Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

1. Reduce Brightness

Brightness is what consumes battery most in every laptop. Reducing it can save you about 20% battery life or more. To decrease intensity is very easy, some laptops have keys to this effect, although in some laptops you may need to do this in your power settings option.

I will advise you to reduce your laptop screen brightness to about 30%. Alternatively, if your laptop supports “Power Saver” I will suggest you set it to “auto-activate” once not plunged to power. Reducing brightness does not just save your battery; it also protects your eyes from brightness effect.

2. Don’t Use Screensaver

Screensaver keeps your laptop screen on, even when it is not in use. Some screensaver apps run in the background while you are working on your system. Though screensaver makes your laptop look nice, but at the same, it drains your battery life and contributes to app sluggishness. Don’t use screen saver if you want your battery life to last longer.

3. Always Keep Laptop On Airplane Mode

Remember to activate “airplane mode” on your laptop when you are not using any WiFi network, Bluetooth, or any other wireless connections. This will help your battery life last even longer. This option is capable of saving about 10% battery life.

4. End Up All Tasks Not In Use

Doing this may differ depending on the operating system version your laptop is running on. To do this, locate your system Task Manager (shortcut: Ctrl-Alt-Del); it will display all running tasks, end-all tasks that are not in use.

5. Ignore “Sleep,” Use “Hibernate”

Both ‘sleep’ and ‘hibernate’ mode will enable you to continue using your laptop from where you left it. While sleep mode keeps your memory running and slows down the processor, hibernate shuts down your computer completely after saving your current status.

6. Temperature Matters

Always use or keep your laptop in average room temperature, extremely high temperature will run down your laptop battery faster, and also reduce battery life span. It seems not to matter much, but in the long run, it contributes more to reducing battery life span or even damage the battery completely.

7. Unplug External Devices

Unplug all external devices connected to your laptop when they are not in use; this includes Flash Drives, Modem, External Keyboard, External Mouse, Phones, Gamepad, and so on. Each external device connected to your laptop deducts battery life ranging from 5% to 18%.

Charging your mobile phone with your laptop if not plugged to power, even drains battery life more than most external devices.

8. Avoid “autorun” Applications

Avoid installing applications that run automatically without launching and disable autorun (if available) installed applications. “Skype” and “Yahoo Messenger” runs automatically on default, remember to change their settings.

Also, most screensaver apps fall within this category. I will advise you to keep away from screen saver apps.

9. Use Only Recommended Charger

Laptop charger output voltage varies. Use only the manufacturer’s recommended charger and never try to customize your charger.

Using a wrong laptop charger just because it uses the same charging port may damage your laptop battery or even make your laptop get unnecessarily hot. This may lead to further issues.


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