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14 Common Problems With Android Phones and Best Solutions

This article explains the most common problems with Android phones and the best solutions to tackle them.

There are several issues about Android phones and you should have an idea of these issues and know how to solve them.

Most times the problems Android phones face are not actually a problem, but something that has to do with the pattern of usage.

Understanding these problems is the first step in solving them. Even in most cases understanding the problem can help you prevent it.

So in this article, I will be listing out all these common phone problems that you might be currently experiencing, as well as the fixing tips for each of these problems without consulting any technician or mechanic.

Common Android Phone Problems and Solutions

1. Short battery life

After a period of usage, your battery may tend not to last. To solve this, you only have to;

  1. Check your mobile apps: Your running apps tend to run down your battery faster especially when you are not making use of them. So always turn off the apps you are not using at a particular time.
  2. Check your brightness: Your phone’s lighting also has a part to play on the part of the battery. Always endeavor to reduce the brightness of your phone when you do not need it or better still put your phone on adaptive brightness so that your phone adapts to the changes around it or on the usage of the phone.

2. Call ending challenge

This occurs when ur backlight is off and after you are done making a call, it doesn’t come up back. They should make call sensors more sensitive to touch and heat.

3. Unable to update to a new version of IOS if you have done it before

If this occurs, then your phone must likely have hardware issues.

Solution: Back up your phone first, make sure your data connection is active and you are online, try again later, delete the update, and try downloading a new one.

4. Slow running phone (mostly caused by too many apps or files)

Apps and documents on the phone should be in correspondence with the amount of space provided for the device.

Do not compress a 3GB work into a 2GB ram because u will only be killing the efficiency of the device and thus reduce the speed and usage of such devices.

5. Connectivity issues phone problems

There are different causes of connectivity issues which include;

  1. Virus: Reduce the sites you click on, always have an antivirus in your device, avoid downloads from unsecured sites, and also mind who you collect apps from.
  2. Expired IP address: When your IP address expires, it means the DHCP server for your IP address gives you the same IP address as the one which got expired. Solution: You can easily use an old desktop or a router.
  3. Slow internet connection: When your network or device has a slow internet connection, you can only check how many bars of network it has, try turning on and off airplane mode, switching your phone off, or better still use WiFi.
  4. DNS problems: This is almost the same issue as the expired IP address, unlike this one, is just like calling a phone and the number is switched off. It is simply the fact that the DNS server or address cannot be found.

Solution: You can solve this by restarting your device, resetting your DNS cache, rebooting your phone, running your phone’s provider e.g IOS, checking your power settings, also change your server to public Google DNS servers.

6. Google has been unable to download the app

When this happens, go to settings and check your data connection, check your storage space, also check if your date and time are correct. If the problem persists, go to a certified phone mechanic.

7. Synchronization issues

Usually, your phone does experience sync issues. Common sync issues include sim card sync and good account sync, but if this keeps on occurring or takes a lot of time, go to your settings and rectify it.

8. Overheating


Over usage of Android devices leads to overheating. Do not overuse your devices, do not use your devices when there is heat. If this continues, visit a phone mechanic.

9. Charging issues

Always make sure you are using a compatible charger for your phone, avoid using a low octave charger that is lower than your phone, avoid sharing your charger with multiple users, and also use different chargers every single time you want to charge your phone affect the health of your battery and may damage your charging port.

10. Bluetooth is no longer working

This is one of the common issues that occur in Android phones. When this occurs, the most common solution is to try rebooting the phone or switch your airplane mode off and on.

11. Text messaging not working

Another common issue is trying to send a text message file out a couple of hours and later finding out that it never went.

Annoying right? Usually, this issue emanates from your network carrier provider which will be sorted out usually. However, there are some tricks to do if you think the issue comes from your phone.

Switch on and off your airplane mode, reboot your phone or better still download another messaging app to send and receive your messages.

12. The touchscreen is completely unresponsive

Nothing causes heartbreak more than your touchscreen not responding, this might be as a result of a very serious issue, such as your phone slipping from your hands, or if it falls into water, both can be easily repaired in a phone repair shop.

However, your phone can also decide to misbehave even without going through any of the above and still likely to start working just like before.

13. Apps acting slow on Android

This happens as a result of that app being outdated and a newer app available. Maybe you have just downloaded the newest of your phone software, such an app will keep on misbehaving till you download the latest version.

Solution: Open up your google play store app to see if there is any new update on the app since they’re usually released when loopholes in the app are found.

Even if there are no recent updates you could try by uninstalling the app, rebooting your Android phone, and installing the app again could get the problem fixed.

14. Your System is crashing non-stop

Over time, some of the older Android versions tend to get slower and slower naturally. In his case, the best thing to do is to check if the official system is unmitigated non-stop; it has been noted that within a particular time frame, a good number of earlier versions tends to lower in efficiency compared to newer versions.

In this case, the best thing to confirm is to be sure that the newer version is better than the older version and your operating system supports it.

Solution: Avoid loading your phone storage with documents that you have little or no use for at that time. Always remember the freer your memory space, the more effective ur device is.

Also, you could go to Settings on your phone. You will be able to delete every file documents you do not use to free or space and also residual files from apps you have deleted.


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