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How to Optimize your Computer for Gaming

Are you a gaming freak and need to optimize your PC for a better gaming experience?

This post will teach you what to do in other to optimize your computer for gaming.

To optimize your computer for gaming is not a difficult task to do, especially for game lovers. Sometimes we may get addicted to a particular game, which we may need to download and install on our PC.

How about if the game seems to be so heavy to function or load properly on our computer. What are we going to do?

Are you going to buy a brand new gaming PC?

What if resources are not available, does that mean that you are not going to play your favorite game again?

Or maybe you may optimize your PC and save yourself the stress.

In this post we will learn how to optimize our computer for gaming, to enable us to play our favorite games with our non-gaming computers.

How to Optimize your Computer for Gaming

1. Re-Shape Your Hardware

It is necessary to have the right and compatible hardware. It is even more urgent when it comes to gaming.

The latest game with excellent graphics requires much more RAM, Processor, and Hard Disk.

Note that each game has its minimum PC requirements. Each game will determine the level of optimization you will make on your PC.

If you are a game freak like me – then you may need to optimize your PC to suit most kinds of games.

To do this, you will need a minimum of 8GB RAM and 500GB Hard Disk or more. This will enhance stability and performance and make your computer suitable for multi-tasking.

Although solid-state drives (SSD) are better for gaming, its pretty more expensive. If you can afford it, then go for it.

2. Get the Right Accessories

To improve your gaming experience on your PC, you must make sure that you have the necessary accessories with you.

You are expected to get a gaming keyboard and a pad. A gaming pad is meant to give better handling and access to controls.

Regardless of your computer hardware level, getting a gaming keyboard and mouse is a superb way to optimize your PC for gaming. It will make you feel and respond to the game more than ever.

3. Get a Required Graphics Card

The graphics card is necessary to optimize your computer for gaming if you expect to be playing a 3D graphics game.

But if you want to optimize for simple games – the graphics card will not be necessary.

There are some factors you have to consider when you are choosing a graphics card; this includes the compatibility and requirements of the game you want to play.

If you already have a graphics card – you may think of upgrading if it does not meet up the game requirements.

4. Clean your PC

Cleaning your PC is a prominent method to optimize your PC for the gaming experience.

A smooth-running OS and environment are very important for gaming. From such a perspective, you should try disabling useless apps, processes, and other related stuff.

Additionally, it is a good thing to perform disk defragmentation; it is one of the ways to get the best performance from your hard drive.

If you do not think the default Disk Defragmentation tool of Windows is not enough, then you can think of getting an additional tool.

5. Miscellaneous Stuff

We have seen the best effective methods to optimize a computer for the purpose of gaming.

In addition, there are also some seemingly simple tips you can use. We can have a look at those.

Firstly, make sure that your PC is in a High-Performance mode while you are gaming. If you are in basic or economy mode, the system resources will be limited for gaming.

Secondly, shut down all resource-hungry and heavy apps that are running in the background.

Finally, you may have a look at the Startup Menu to see if it is having any “resource eating” app in the list, if yes, close the app.

These are the three basic methods of successive maintenance of computers in the best manner.


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