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How To Invite All Your Facebook Friends To Your Page At Once 2023

On This Post, You Will Learn How To Invite All Your Facebook Friends To Your Page and Event At Once?

What makes social media fun are the friends and followers we have there. Imagine how boring it will be if you have an active Facebook page and no one is following it.

May lets say you have some Facebook friends, they should be the first set of people you should want to invite your FB page.

Facebook page has helped many businesses to grow their audience over time, the advantage of a Facebook business page is that it allows unlimited followers.

Once your friends like your page they automatically become followers, and whatever you publish they will see.

What do you do when you have thousands of Facebook friends and you want to invite them all to like your Facebook page or Event?

If you decide to invite them one after the other there is no problem with that but, it will definitely take so much time, especially if your friends run into thousands, not just that, you may end up omitting some friends.

Save yourself the whole stress, follow the steps below to invite all your Facebook friends to like your page in less than 2 minutes.

Steps to Invite all your Facebook Friends to Like your Page

1. Log in to Facebook: first, you will have to log in to your FB account with your Facebook credentials, but if you are new to Facebook you will first have to register to own a Facebook account.

2. Select a Facebook page: you can do select a page by clicking on pages at the left sidebar of your facebook web, doing this will open all business page you have created on you Facebook account.


On your pages page, click on the page you want to invite all your friends to follow, it will open the page management.

But if you have not yet created a business page, click on Create New Page and set up a page.

3. Click on the three dots: Next, you will have to click on the three-dot on the right side of your FB page management as shown in the picture below.


4. Click on invite friends: clicking will popup a dialog box where you can manage your friend’s invitation.

5. Click on the “not invited” tab: Doing this will bring the list of all your Facebook friends you are you to invite to like your business page. and click on select all, to select all friends you have not invited.


6. Finally click on “Send Invite”: This will send an invitation to all the friends you have selected.

If you want to follow up on all invitations you sent, you should tick the box that says Also send each invite in Messenger.

It is as easy as that, you have successfully invited all your friends to like and follow your Facebook page.


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