How to Know Who Checked Your Facebook Profile


The information in this article explains the best way to know the people who checked your Facebook profile. No app is needed.

Did you just say you don’t care who visits your Facebook page?

But you care who visited your Linkedin page, right?

Don’t forget too quickly that employers are as concerned about your professional experience as your social life.

Also, you may want to know who your crush is/are. So, without wasting your time, let me let the cat out of the bag.

The information in this article explains the best way to know the people who checked your Facebook profile.

Facebook is an online social platform that keeps people connected over the internet. The number of active users of Facebook runs into hundreds of millions.

On a daily basis, people spy on other people’s activities; this has made lots of people restrict their FB profiles from the public.

Among all the fantastic features that accompany Facebook, they did not provide a way for users can check those who viewed their profile easily.

Well, personally I think they won’t see it as a good idea, as it may scare certain people out from Facebook.

The reason because most people that viewed your status won’t want you to know they did.

If knowing who viewed your status is made available, then it will be breaching a level of privacy.

Again, it will create a room where Facebook users may want to create multiple accounts (personal account and spy accounts).

Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook also owns the world’s greatest mobile chatting app which is WhatsApp.

He has added adding of status on WhatsApp and every WhatsApp user can check who viewed their WhatsApp status.

So adding “Who Checked Your Facebook Profile” will not be difficult for Facebook, but the purpose and motive of the app will tell if the feature will be added in the future.

Nevertheless, there are ways around it, and am going to teach you all about it right here.

Before writing the post, I searched several contents on the same subject matter, but most are not effective. While others are outdated and do not work any longer.

Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

For the Facebook mobile app, go to your Facebook profile and click on “Find Friends“, click on “All Friends“.

For Facebook web users, go to your profile and click on “Friends“.

On the list of your friends, the first ten that will display are always those that recently checked your status.

If anyone you didn’t recently have communication with appears in the list, then there is a very high tendency that the person has recently viewed your profile.

To prove how true this is, ask one of your Facebook friends to view your profile. Then a few hours later, follow the steps I explained above. You will see that the friend that saw your profile will be on the list.

Non-Facebook Friends Who Checked Your Profile?

There is currently no way to know non-Facebook friends who checked your profile.

But in rare cases, the non-friends who checked your profile will appear as “suggested friends” or “people you may know” a few days after they checked your profile.



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