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How to Open Clickbank Account in Nigeria – with or without GraphCard For 2023

In this article, I will explain to you how to open a Clickbank account from Nigeria and also receive your fund without any stress.

What is Clickbank?

For those who are not into affiliate marketing, ClickBank may sound strange to them. Affiliate marketers would know what ClickBank is all about.

For the sake of educating everyone, I will briefly explain Clickbank before going into how Nigerians can register for it.

Clickbank is one of the largest online marketplaces for both digital and physical products.

Clickbank connects vendors who create products, to affiliate marketers who are ready to promote and sell the products. There are lots of products in the Clickbank marketplace in many niches.

According to Wikipedia, the Clickbank has more than 6 million clients all over the world and has its headquarters in the United States.

But the sad news for Nigerians is that Clickbank membership is not open to them. But there is always a way around it.

The main essence of this write-up is to show you how to get past the whole hurdle of getting registered. And be able to promote products in the Clickbank marketplace to receive commission via any sales you made.

Why ClickBank?


So many people have dropped statements saying that Clickbank has nothing new and profitable to offer.

But the truth remains that it is the highest paying and most effective affiliate marketplace. It has made so many people successful in terms of online finance.

Clickbank offers multiple means of payment to its Affiliate Marketers, having PayPal as their primary payment option.

There is no hassle over identity verification to get started and start earning immediately with them.

With Clickbank, a single affiliate link can be attached to all promoted products for easy sales tracking and purchases, and many more benefits.

How to Open Clickbank Account in Nigeria

We shall look at two different options for Nigerians to open a Clickbank account from Nigeria.

No matter the option you decide to use, it is advisable to make use of a VPN or a Private Browser that can hide your IP address. It is to hide your current location so it will not be detected. You must use the VPN wherever you want to log in to your Clickbank account.

First Option

One thing needed to open a Clickbank account is to get a foreign address. In this regard, if you have someone related to you outside Nigeria, let’s say in the US or UK, then all you need to do is to inform the person about this. If he or she agrees you have gotten the solution you need.

Next, you can then sign up on the Clickbank website. Navigate your web browser to “clickbank.com” and click on sign up.

It is all that you need to open and manage a ClickBank account here in Nigeria.

Your account will get accepted to enable you to promote the products and earn while you are doing so.

You do not necessarily need to withdraw the money you make from the Clickbank affiliate program. You can choose to use it to pay for goods or services online.

But note that the goods will only be delivered to the address which you entered during sign up.

Second Option

This option will be necessary for those who do not have anyone to give them an international address.

In this case, all you need to do is to make use of the Graph Card service company.

This company will offer you a virtual address in the United States of America, a phone number, and the ability to receive Cheques without the need for a domiciliary account.

Virtual Address is a specific and personalized USA address.

Although, this service is not for free of charge – as you will pay a token.

It will cost you about 1,000 Naira monthly or even less, depending on the current exchange rate. You will keep paying to keep using the service alive.

What is needed to Open a Graph Card Account?

Graph Card Registration is free of charge. Your option to either choose a personal or a reseller account.

To sign up with Graph Card – go to graphcard.com 

Graph Card provides different services, which include Virtual Office. With the virtual office, you will be given a virtual address.

The address is what you will use to open a ClickBank account. The address looks something like what we have below.

PMB: 3050, 8101 Sandy Spring Road Suite 220,
Laurel MD 20707 USA.

However, before you can get a virtual address, you will have to fund your Graph Card account using the Virtual Terminal Network (VTN).

The VTN is an online payment processor available for Nigerians. With this, you can successfully pay for products and services with ease locally.

To sign up with VTN navigate your browser to virtualterminalnetwork.com – Click on register, use the information in the Graph Card account you just opened.

After funding your Graph Card account, you will then have your virtual address instantly just for you.

Next, you will go to ClickBank to register and sign up with your virtual address.

You can credit your VTN account by paying into their accounts via; GTBank, EcoBank, and lots of other local banks in Nigeria.

After the payment has been made, access your VTN account to confirm the amount by clicking “Confirm Bank Deposit.” After which you can then click on the “Transfer to Graphcard” icon. It is how you can fund your Graphcard account from Nigeria.

How to Withdraw from GraphCard account

There is two significant way by which you can withdraw your GraphCard money.

1. Withdraw Via Western Union

You can choose to send the funds in your Graph card account via western union to yourself right here in Nigeria and receive it within 72 hours (3 days).

2. Send Directly to your GTBank Account

If you have a GTBank account, send the money directly into it. In less than 48 hours, the sum will be credited to your account.


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