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Easy Way to Change Your Facebook Page URL

In this article, you will learn how to change or edit your Facebook Page URL to enable people to find you easily on the web. 

Facebook Page URL is as important as the Facebook Page itself – because its page URL will be inserted into a web browser to link directly to the page.

After creating a Facebook Page, the auto-generated URL to the page is always not so pretty and sometimes does not suit its page name.

This has made it very difficult for FB page owners to easily give out their page links to people. The main way out for them is to login into their Facebook for them to get the link.

If the link is made flexible and editable, Facebook users can easily reconstruct the URL to something very easy to remember.

And for this reason, adjustments were made. For a very long time now Facebook had made it possible to edit or change the auto-generated URL (also called “Username”) to link to a Facebook Page.

Step to Change Facebook Page URL / Username

1) Open your Facebook Page from your account

2) Click on the “About” tab you will find it under your Page Profile Picture on your left

3) Then click on “Edit,” which is behind the “Username” field



4) After clicking “Edit,” a mini window will open with a link to Change your Username which will be the URL so that “” will be your new Facebook URL. Pick a username and click on “Create Username.


Rules for Customizing Your Facebook Username

    1. You can not choose a username being used by someone.
    2. Usernames will only contain alphanumeric characters, which are A-Z, 0-9, and period, which is designated as “.
    3. Periods (“.”) and capitalization will not count as part of the username, for instance, pauljohn24, paul.john24, and paul.john.24 will all seen to be the same username in this case.
    4. Usernames must contain a minimum of 5 characters.
    5. Usernames must not contain a generic terms or extensions  (i.e.  .net .com .org).
    6. Usernames can be edited or changed by the page admin.


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